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Rural Life in Vietnam
The Nobility of Work.

Photo by Nguyen Quang The Linh |

In Vietnam, the bulk of its people lived in rural areas and about two thirds of its workforce is in agriculture. Life is hard in the villages. It involves scaling high mountains in the highlands and generally hard physical labor. People work long hours and children are not spared.

Physically, both men and women work in the wet rice fields. The outdoor work made them healthy and strong. A traditional broad-brimmed sunhat is used to protect them against the scorching tropical sun while weeding or harvesting the rice fields or foraging for fish and edible plants.

'A life inspired by ideas'

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King Kong's Playground - Manhattan, New York City

Yes, I was a but nervous. +NY on Air +FlyNYON  was fantastic. Thanks.

This was taken with the beast Ricoh Imaging Pentax 645Z Medium Format.

You can see more of my travels at

Pentax 645Z 
Pentax 28-45mm f/4.5 @ 28mm
ISO 6400 

#ricoh #pentax #645Z #NYC #newyorkcity #manhattan #photography #travel
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