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DJ Cosmo Q
Eclectic music for an eclectic world
Eclectic music for an eclectic world

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Had the mind to press "record" for once. A nearly 3 hour mix for your pleasure

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Join us for another night of Swing n' Blues Electro Fusion. DJ Cosmo Q creates an antique dance party crafted for partner dancing. Bring it!

~No Cover for your pleasure / 21 and up
~Swing era dress encouraged
~Savor Lex's Moonshine selections and crafted cocktails
~Vintage films for your peepers

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Another chapter in the book of Swing and Blues Fusion, provided by yours truly and Lex18. A night for partner dancing - so grab those shoes and cut it loose.

~Swing Era dress encouraged
~Sample Lex's fine craft cocktails 
~Dance like everyone is watching :)

This is Jordy Williams last Fusion night for quite some time, so let's all show that boy some love. A personal thanks to him for helping to make Fusion Fridays become`such a hopping thang!

#AntiqueDance #FusionFridays #SwingFusion #DowntownAsheville #BluesBeat

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This cat posts some pretty swanky songs along with video crafted for each. Swing, blues, quirk - you got it

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Had some nice words tossed my way...

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Some of the sights from Fusion Fridays

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Lex18, the host of my Fusion Fridays, has a nice write up about my night.

"Every Friday Night at 11pm DJ Cosmo Q spins infectious swing-dance grooves and deals out a feel-good atmosphere at Lex 18 after the restaurant winds down from its usual prohibition era jazz supper club service. Cosmo Q’s musical selections take the swinging sounds of the 1920s and ’30s, turns them on their ear, and smuggles them into the 21st Century.

Having a passion for early-era swing and lounge music, it wasn’t until relocating to Asheville, NC that Cosmo Q created a new genre antique electronica house and step-beats blended with prohibition-era sounds of swing and gypsy jazz. Dancers love his infusion of occasional blues influences and a dash of the Balkans for flavoring."

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...and, a new lego'd audio piece

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My latest mix - dedicated to the dancers at Fusion Fridays!
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