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Paul Rushton
I like taking photos. I live in Shanghai.
I like taking photos. I live in Shanghai.


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I've been back in Hong Kong for five days now. The mission I've set myself while I'm here is simple: get out in the hills and hunt for some cool HK wildlife to photograph.

Last night I ran, camera in hand, from Causeway Bay, up to Bowen Road, around the Peak and back, hoping to find something worthwhile. And I did:

1 x wild boar on Barker Road
1 x short-nosed fruit bat on Oi Kwan Road near Morrison Hill swimming pool

I'll be adding these pics to the growing list of beastly sightings on my blog. Check it out. And if you've had an HK wildlife close encounter of you own, leave a comment and I'll add it to the list. #hongkong

Happy hunting!
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Yes, it's cold. We all know that. Over the weekend, Hong Kongers spent their time, among other things, preparing for apocalypse as the temperature crept towards zero and getting themselves stranded on Tai Mo Shan in a desperate hunt for snow, frost or anything else white and cold.

Here in Shanghai, it reached as low as -7, and since decent snow is pretty much unheard of here, I embarked on my own snow quest by travelling an hour down the line to my beloved Hangzhou.

As it happened, by the time I arrived on Friday night, the snow had, for the most part, turned to sleet, and was rapidly disappearing. But there was just enough left to make it worthwhile.

Some of these pics were taken this weekend. Some were taken a couple of years back. But the conclusion is the same => if you want to see snow, get to Hangzhou. ‪#‎china‬ ‪#‎snow‬ ‪#‎hangzhou‬ ‪#‎travel‬
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Ten of the Best Hong Kong Mountaintop City Views

I know it probably isn't the ideal time to be talking about hiking with temperatures set to plummet to near freezing this weekend, but I'm so excited about coming back to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year and getting back up in those hills, that I just can't help myself.

I've just finished putting the final touches to a full "Hong Kong Best Mountaintop City Views" post containing ten of my favourite photo spots, so check it out and make a mental note to get back out there when the weather gets better and enjoy the beauty that is the Hong Kong outdoors. #hongkong #photography

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Dog Yoga record broken in HK to bemusement of dogs. Owners celebrate "close relationship" with pets. #hongkong #HK

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Animated account of HK missing bookseller case. With special guest appearances by Xi Jinping and Regina Ip #hongkong

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Before I left Hong Kong for Shanghai some 18 months ago, I made it my mission to get to the top of as many of the city's peaks as possible in order to hopefully get some decent photos of the twinkling city below.

I finally got round to editing those photos this weekend and I'm currently compiling a new blog post with ten of my favourites. In the meantime, let's see if anyone can figure out where each one was taken. Here's today's shot. #‎hongkong‬

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There aren't many days that go by in which David Bowie isn't the first thing I listen to when I get home. I remember writing an essay about Bowie for my A-level General Studies exam when I was 17 ("Talk about a famous person who inspires you"), and he hasn't disappointed since. To say Monday afternoon was emotional isn't half the story.

Anyway, here's a video of Bowie in Hong Kong during his 1983 world tour. It's a bit of a weird one - half documentary, half-mini movie - but there's plenty of Bowie looking 24 carat cool, and Hong Kong looking pretty much the same as it does today. #bowie #davidbowie #hongkong

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British soldier’s unseen photos of Hong Kong 60 years ago revealed.

Hong Kong as it was; Hong Kong as it kind of still is. See if you can recognise any of the places. ‪#‎hongkong‬ ‪#‎photography‬

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This is pretty cool - an interactive map showing the history of Hong Kong's land reclamation and the ever-changing nature of its coastline.

Plus, as if enough wasn't enough already, here's another couple of articles outlining how HK intends to cope with a population of 8.47 million by 2041. Eek!

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As Star Wars fever grips Hong Kong, check out this rebel scum I spotted during mid-autumn festival. #hongkong #starwars #starwarshongkong #hkstarwars #theforceawakens
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