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"More media is not better media."

The race is on!

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Some interesting points about how the tech adoption lifecycle is changing, bringing more of us in as early adopters.

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By now 80% of the people who care have probably already read this. But if you haven't, and you're interested in the startup space, check it out. Paul Graham's excellent blog post, "Startup = Growth".


If there's one number every founder should always know, it's the company's growth rate. That's the measure of a startup.

What matters is not the abolute number of new customers, but the ratio of new customers to existing ones. If you're really getting a constant number of new customers every month, you're in trouble, because that means your growth rate is decreasing.

A good growth rate during [Y Combinator] is 5-7% a week. If you can hit 10% a week you're doing exceptionally well. If you can only manage 1%, it's a sign you haven't yet figured out what you're doing.

The best thing to measure the growth rate of is revenue. The next best, for startups that aren't charging initially, is active users.

We usually advise startups to pick a growth rate they think they can hit, and then just try to hit it every week. The key word here is "just." If they decide to grow at 7% a week and they hit that number, they're successful for that week. There's nothing more they need to do. But if they don't hit it, they've failed in the only thing that mattered, and should be correspondingly alarmed.

Focusing on hitting a growth rate reduces the otherwise bewilderingly multifarious problem of starting a startup to a single problem. You can use that target growth rate to make all your decisions for you; anything that gets you the growth you need is ipso facto right. Should you spend two days at a conference? Should you hire another programmer? Should you focus more on marketing? Should you spend time courting some big customer? Should you add x feature? Whatever gets you your target growth rate.

You'll generally do best to follow that constraint wherever it leads rather than being influenced by some initial vision, just as a scientist is better off following the truth wherever it leads rather than being influenced by what he wishes were the case.

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From Seth Godin's blog:

Two questions behind every disagreement

Are we on the same team? and

What's the right path forward?

Most of time, all we talk about is the path, without having the far more important but much more difficult conversation about agendas, goals and tone.

Is this a matter of respect? Power? Do you come out ahead if I fail? Has someone undercut you? Do we both want the same thing to happen here?

The reason politics in my country is diverging so much from useful governance has nothing to do with useful conversations and insight into what the right path is. It's because defeat and power and humiliation and money have replaced "doing what works for all of us" as the driving force in politics.

If you feel disrespected, the person you disagree with is not going to be a useful partner in figuring out what the right path going forward might be. If one party (employee/customer/investor) only wins when the other party loses, what's the point of talking about anything but that?

Deal with the agenda items and the dignity problems first before you try to work out the right strategic choices.

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I love how retro the new 5-Hour Energy ad campaign is. Rock those shoulder pads.

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This is so inspiring. #paralympics2012

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Problem: Making foie gras illegal in Cali has heightened the feeling of exclusivity attached to it, creating a Prohibition-like demand and increasing its profitability.
Solution: To make it undesirable and drop the bottom off its price, I say they start serving it in every soup kitchen across the state. Problem solved.

Lawmakers, take note.

Have a great weekend, all!

Happy Friday the 13th!
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