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Sara Lando
I take pictures, sleep too little, eat all my broccoli
I take pictures, sleep too little, eat all my broccoli

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A dog + A GoPro + Sicily in the summer = win
My favorite thing is the owner saying "piano, eh" ("go slow") to the dog at the beginning of the video, right before the dogs bolts away.

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In my profession, spending the afternoon going through my Vogue Italia collection counts as work (preparing moodboards for the US seminars and workshops and gathering "inspiration")

Oh hey. So there's still a google+ account here. Go figure.

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Watch this now, thank me later. He's so entertaining and clear.

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Apparently they didn't have doors in Finland until 1979 and people were having troubles dealing with them.

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eerie and beautiful
For eleven minutes, you can be a time traveler.

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This stuff is how I started to be able to ask money in exchange for photos. Now it's available in pdf format.
Thanks to the work of Strobist reader Michael Turcotte, the newest version (late 2013) of Lighting 101 is now available as a PDF for offline/paper viewing.

Thanks much to Michael, and please spread the word if you think it will be helpful to others in your circles.

Many thanks,

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A couple of notes that might help you selecting your next photography workshop and make the best out of it

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Start planning for march: the GPP lineup is out! Watching footage from last year brings back memories from the most amazing photographic experience I ever had. Can't wait to be back in Dubai... except this week I'll be teaching instead of assisting Heisler (I tried to pitch for a workshop concept that sounded like "I teach people how to attend Heisler's class", but apparently that's not going to happen).
Not completely sure about what having +David Hobby as a "special guest" means, but I'm already thinking of switching to good old sync cables, in case he's around pranking people with pocket wizards. 

It's hard to describe my feelings towards this whole thing, as I probably lack the vocabulary. Is there a word expressing "a mix of elation and shitting bricks"?
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