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Unreal.  You just undid YEARS of my work.  People in title industry WILL NOT(old) or CANNOT(government) upgrade.  Chrome frame was the only way to role out new Tech.  If I hadn't already sworn off google after the reader debacle I'd do it again now. You guys are so beyond evil these days that you can't even see it.
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But the company who made those crap browsers isn't ?
+Tadej Rudec The people using our software didn't get to pick their browser.  IE10 or chrome won't be on these systems until 2023 at the earliest.
Get a grip. It's not google's job to maintain software for free for anyone's benefit. Realize that you received a benefit, the landscape is changing, and move on.

Evil for EOL'ing some code. Hah!
No, but they made it their stated mission. For years they put them selves forward as a company that made the web better for everyone. Now? Just the profitable. Damn the ecosystem. Now we can build a walled garden.
Well, (like always) maybe that's a good opportunity for someone else to replace them. 
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