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Boric Glanduum
I'm a dwarf at heart and in my mind, if not particularly of body.
I'm a dwarf at heart and in my mind, if not particularly of body.

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[From the Mailbag] Happy Monday Goodies!
I decided today that I need to sweep the leaves accumulated at the door of the Stronghold and clear some dust from my head. It's been a LONG time, relatively. Changing careers at mid-life is difficult; it's even worse when dealing with depression and some m...

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[Real Life] Time Away from the Dice
I hadn't realized that it had been nearly a month since I posted anything here. Real life has intervened. As
I may have posted before, back in the middle of last year, I became
unemployed. Finally found work as a teacher's aide at a local junior
high in ...

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First Foray Into 5E
I'm just going to leave this here. Illus: Andrew Hale, in Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves I'll see you all on the other side...

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I got curious as to what Leomund's Hidden Lodge was when +Rick Stump was asking for a map and then decided to do my own take on it. The spell description says a 20' square building which is 400 sq. ft. A 20' wide tree seemed a bit much so I went with a 13ish foot tree and went with four 100 sq ft levels.

These are at 175 pixels per 5 feet because that's what my base image was more or less.

Not an artist - I'm just a hack with Gimp. All the interior objects come from various other folks including +Devin Night and folks on the Dundjinni forums.

I've got empty versions if someone wants them as well as empty with no grass background.

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This morning, at 12:50 a.m. I started up my truck and texted my wife that I was on my way home. It was our monthly D&D night. I'd loaded my >koff< pounds worth of minis in the bed of the truck and had scraped off the snow. Five minutes later, I entered an i...

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Adding this to my Maps collection. Last night I finished recreating the station deck plan from the back of the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks map. 

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[From the Mailbag] Treats from The Manor
Came home today to find a surprise from +Tim Shorts . A bad day made much better for these maps. Already planning on fitting these into the current campaign. Judgement of the Crow has some positively E-VIL potential. If you aren't following Tim on Patreon, ...

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[Inktober 2016] Day 28—The Tombs of Jarra Cavernfire
The Tombs of Jarrra Cavernfire (keyword: secret ) The tombs of this ancient Dwarven queen appear simple at first: three sarcophagi and three massive coffers,  emptied long ago . A secret door leads to an empty chamber; a priceless repeater hangs in the far ...

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[Inktober 2016] Day 28—The Salamander's Cavern
The Salamander's Cavern (keyword: burn ) After following a narrow, winding tunnel a mile or more, the party finds themselves in an air pocket.* Far beneath them flows the life-blood of the Mountain God—a river of magma. Across a narrow bridge arching over t...

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[Inktober 2016] Day 27—The Lair of the Dark Folk
The Lair of the Dark Folk (keyword: creepy ) A crumbling ruin at the ed of a dark, filthy alleyway hides a long, steep, winding stairway. Once leading to an underground hideaway of a minor noble, it now leads to the disgusting lair of a small tribe of dark ...
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