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Doaker Presentation by Meg Valenzuela and Rahia Soloman

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Three Main Challenges
                In the novel Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, it was a
challenge for me to keep track of the characters, keep track of past
situations, and fully understand scenes. In every novel, there are at least
fifteen characters whether or not they mainta...

Father Callahan
            Every individual has a different perspective on life; nevertheless, Father Callahan did his best to achieve his goals, small and large. He often valued his reputation with other individuals living in Salem’s Lot. He also valued his Notes. A desire that Father Callahan deeply wished for was to become well known. Finally, a flaw that he suppressed was not truly caring for his parishioners.
            It’s very uncommon to run into an individual who does not value at least one thing, whether it be an object or a simple memory. Father Callahan intensely cared for his physical image towards the people of the town. In Scene 9 of Chapter 6, he did his best to hide the fact that he was drinking alcohol. When he had spilled some scotch by his desk, he immediately searched for a way to clean it up to prevent Mrs. Curless from finding it. Father Callahan stated that “her kind, pitying looks were too hard to take on the long, grainy mornings when you were feeling a little low” (Ch. 6, Scene 9). He obviously did not want to deal with other individuals and their judging looks.
            Another thing that Father Callahan greatly valued were his Notes. He had been working on these notes or almost seven years. These Notes are based on the Catholic Church in New Zealand. Due to all the hard work Father Callahan has put in these notes, he had hoped to have used these notes to accumulate a book by then. The lag has caused him to doubt the book’s ability to be written. Father Callahan also believed that his drinking problem started around the same time he began writing these Notes, which caused him to follow his “Genesis 1:1—“In the beginning there was scotch, and Father Callahan said, Let there be Notes” (Ch. 6, Scene 9). However, he continued to work on them.
            Along with values, every individual has their own desires. Father Callahan personally desired to become well-known and admired by a large amount of the world. He wanted to become like “Muhammad Ali against Joe Frazier, the Celtics against the Knicks, Jacob against the Angel… since he had wanted to be a priest” (Ch. 9, Scene 6). Father Callahan admitted that he hoped to have been given a large battle against EVIL. He wished to be given the opportunity to create a story that would be passed on for many generations such as those that ought for his religion.
            Lastly, Father Callahan’s flaw: Not truly caring for his parishioners. When his parishioners would come to him to confess their sins, he would not truly accompany them during the process of confession. Father Callahan did nothing but pity the individuals. He allowed them to tell him their deepest concerns and guilty thoughts without the slightest intention to pray for them, which is the entire purpose of the process of confession. Father Callahan admits that he found the confessional as dull.

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Salem’s Lot by Stephen King
Chapters 1-3: Protagonist, POV, Setting, Symbol, Characters. The setting of Chapters 1-3 take
place in a small town named Jerusalem’s Lot during the summer of 1975. Chapter
1 is written in Benjamin Mears’s point of view. Chapter 2 is written in Susan

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A Prayer, a Candle, and a Notebook
Growing Up Thematic:   “But Spanish has entered my brain, unlocking memories,
making me take one of my trips backs to my childhood in New Jersey and our
first year in this country.” (Pg. 21, Paragraph 1) 18c. Experiencing biculturalism, bilingualism   “Keep...

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My Rosetta and The Woman Who Slept with One Eye Open
My Rosetta and The Woman Who Slept with One Eye Open by Judith Ortiz Cofer are considered to be very significant to me due to the lessons they consist of. My Rosetta taught the reader about allowing an individual to release from traditional restrictions and...
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