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Sense 3.0 is amazing. Loving this new lock screen. 

My Verizon contract is almost up. I'm thinking of perhaps switching carriers. Whats your provider of choice?

So its finally here. Official Verizon upgrade day. What do I get? Droid X2 or Droid charge?

Go ninja go ninja go....

Heard a lady asking a guy about the education reform and why teachers are bitching. He asks her what she means and she says "its a stupid poorly paid job. What do they make anyways ?" He tells her "they make kids try harder. The make parents tremble in fear when they call home. They make a C+ seem like a noble prize. They make a difference. What the fuck do you make?" And flat walks away. Owned LOL

If someone asks you a penny for your thoughts and you give them your two cents, where does the other penny go? :)

Tonight's project: making my house m$ windows free. 

Trying out the skyraider rom with the incredikernel

Using the skyraider rom for a while instead of cyanogen. What's your favorite rom?

So do I delete my fb and just go Google+ or do I just purge the fb list again?
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