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SKT Ch12 - Fun with Potions of Giant Size :-)

We had a wizard drink one, but later he polymorphed. It did not happen, but I found myself wondering what would be the result if his polymorphed form was reduced to zero hit points.

Would you guys rule that he turned back into his giant-sized self or into his normal self?

#DMQuests #EtherealDM

Season 6 Ethereal DM rewards says to double the DM rewards if it is streamed and available on demand. So does that mean if just run a game online, I only get to put a check mark in the box, but receive no addition reward unless the game is streamed and available on demand?

Or is Ethereal DM meant to work like Season 5?
Run game get rewards.
Run game online double rewards.
Run game online and stream it with on demand triple rewards.


Not really a DMQuest question, but this is listed in the FAQ that came with the newly released TYP Quests....

The FAQ says that when characters find magical ammunition, they don't just find one, they find 1d6 pieces. Awesome.

Now how about if characters want to buy magical ammunition? Can they purchase them item from their faction assuming they meet the faction requirements in the faction guide? Or is the ammunition not allowed to be purchases as +1 weapon?

IF ammunition can be purchased, is it a single piece or 1d6?

Do I have to finish running SKT before the season starts in order to get the DM Quest reward for running the complete hardcover? I think yes, but I just thought I would ask.

#DMQuest #DedicatedDM

Now that we can choose from hardcovers for the dedicated DM reward, are we only allowed to pick items that are actually named and printed in the book, or can we choose something that was randomly rolled during the adventure (where called for by the hardcover itself).

Sorry if this is already clarified somewhere else, my Google-Fu skills are rusty. I also assume the answer to this is items actually named, but figured I would ask just in case. Something about assuming.

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I really thought he was referring to the "speck" on the left.

#DMQuest   #DedicatedDM

Question about Dedicated DM: Is it a strict or loose interpretation? Is the goal to get DMs to run as many unique games as possible or as many games as possible?

I am trying to figure out if I only get this reward if I run 7 differently titled DDAL modules. For example, I run DDAL04-01 to DDAL04-07. But in order to get the reward again, I would need to run 7 different titles, like the remaining 7 DDALs in the season. If so, then we are able to earn this reward 4 times for the season by running all 14 DDAL games and 14 different chapters from the HC.

Or is this loose and the object is to get DMs to be dedicated to running as many games as possible. For example, I run DDAL04-02 for three different groups, then run another group through 4 chapters of the HC. Does that count?

Just trying to figure out if I have earned this reward 2 times or NO times.

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Food Challenges have begun! We start with Quail Eggs. Tell us about your favorite uncommon food or comfort dish.

I am going to be running some hardcover chapters for a group who just competed Suits of the Mist. In the DDAL module, there is a min/max amount of XP the players receive. Is there such a measurement in running the hardcover? I saw the DM Rewards I get for running a game, but currently it is my understanding that I just reward the PCs the XP they earn while playing the hardcover as written (and that I only reward them for that - no extra stuff thrown in to beef up encounters because that would lead to more XP earned than say another group who played the same chapter somewhere else).

Apologies if this has been answered thousands of times elsewhere (or even here). My Google Fu did not yield solid results.
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