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Summer Skincare!
Hi guys! Today I'm going to share with you my new skincare routine for the summer season. In the summer I like to have glowing and hydrated skin. I have mostly spotty and oily skin with a few dry patches. Recently I wanted to try new skincare which would he...

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Winter to Sring/Summer Bedroom!
Hi guys! When your reading this it will be May (wow), where has the past 5 months gone?! But when I'm writing this it is the middle of February, so a couple of days ago I changed my room from Winter vibes to Spring/Summer vibes and I honestly am so happy wi...

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5 Motivational Study Quotes!
Hi guys! I hope that studying is going well for you and that you are smashing your exams. For those of you who struggle to get motivated to study, I've gathered 5 of my favourite quotes that inspire me to get up and work hard. "You don't want to look back a...

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Good Luck🍀
Hi Guys, just a quick post today. Exams have now started where I'm from so I just thought id give you a little talkative post. I want you all to know, all you have to do in your exams is try your hardest! DO NOT STRESS! Exam results are not the end of the w...

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What works for you!
Hi guys! So I've made a list of things to consider when choosing where and when to study. Here are some questions to ask yourself:     Do I study better at night or in the morning?     Am I more focussed working at a table or lounging around?     Is constan...

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Ways to reward😇
hi guys, so today I'm going to share with you things you should do to reward yourself after studying. If your reading a book, put a small sweet on a section of the page and eat it when you read that section. After 2 hours of study, you get to watch 1 episod...

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How to make studying happen!
Hi guys! So I'm going to give you 4 easy steps to make studying actually happen! Its fair enough telling you how to study but these steps really will help. 1. Understand Take time to think about what it is you are learning, how does it relate to you, if you...

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Study Websites🌏
Hi Everyone, so today I'm just going to do a short post telling you some of my favourite Study websites. SQA Scholar BBC Bitesize My Maths khana Get Revising Evans Chemistry Be Kind and Have Courage- XOXO Courage 

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Creative Study Methods!
Hi guys! As a part of our study series I thought I'd share a list of study methods which are proven to help memorise information but it depends on how your brain works. - Make up mnemonics - Draw a mind map - Make the mind map smaller - Coloured pens - Make...

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Do's and Dont's For Study✅
Hi everyone so today I'm going to simply tell you what i think are the Do's and Dont's of studying. Do✅ Have a clear space to study Keep your phone switched off therefor you won't get distracted Make a study Timetable Leave at least 1 week before a test to ...
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