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Who do you think will do the first killing in Bakersfield for new years 2015 and you now they will get a way with it. Choice are kern county sheriff department,Bakersfield police department, or CHP. I believe it will be Bakersfield police.

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Bpd killed one person on new years day.

I want to say sorry to the family who lost a love one on new years day. By Bakersfield police department stupidity but you should voice your thought so the good people of Kern county can see how that are I know they set people up on BS charges people rember to record the cops let stand up for are self rember the watchdog dose not like to be watch it is not illegal to record a cop on duty in California as long as you're not interfering with their investigation.

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Pass it on 

Bakersfield police was at it on x-mass not helping the who pay there bills if you don't believe me check out 17 news. Car went throw apartment. And tell me that care for the people of Kern.
The USA needs to:

legalize freedom

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Here what your tax money goes to Bakersfield police department to it takes 5 officer to deal with 1 person so why dose it take 5 cops to deal with 1 person. 
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Remember this that said it was a joke but we all know the truth

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The blue pill
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Basic perfume recipe
This is 1 of the simple recipes for perfume making you can do at home.
Ingredients You need
2 cups of water
1 cup of fresh chopped flower blossoms
Enable places chief cross were the edges are hanging over The bowl.
Fill with 1 cup of flour blossoms of your choice. Pour water over the flowers and tell they are completely covered.
Covered in let sit overnight. The next day using the edge of the cheesecloth.
Pull it out of the bowl and gently squeeze this into water into a small pot.
Simmer the water until about 1 tablespoon is left.
Cool down in place into a small bottle. making perfume this way has a shelf life of about 1 month.
Other suggestions for flowers.
Lavender lilac, orange blossoms or even honey suckle.
Anything that is highly fragrant works best.

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I selling for 6 $ each I have six for grab never been opened
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