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Richard Doyle
A guy, like any other guy, but moreso.
A guy, like any other guy, but moreso.

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Such a pretty car.

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Feeling a little political and tired of the BS the media is feeding everyone.

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Can anyone provide me feedback on this camera? I'm looking at purchasing it, but would like some independent feedback.

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This is great. Not just for creative people, but for anyone.
This is Ira Glass talking to creative people about getting past The Gap. Every single creative person I've talked to about this has said some version of "I wish someone had told me this," so I'm posting it here in the event that one of you reading my dumb G+ stuff is sort of like me ten years ago.

...which is to say younger, thinner, and terrified about wasting your time making crap that nobody cares about.

I recommend printing it out and hanging it up in your creative space next to the Cult of Done Manifesto.

Happy Friday. Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend?

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The end of an era that I did not even see the start of, but feel very sad that we are contracting into earth rather than exploring the heavens.

Atlantis Landing Completes Final Space Shuttle Program 7-21-11

And now it's sunday.. the last day of a productive weekend... Going to try something new with pictures.. lets see if it works..
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