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Richard Pitt
Part of the communications revolution since the 1960s
Part of the communications revolution since the 1960s

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Behind the crap legislation such as SOPA and various copyright reforms both in the US and here in Canada and other countries is a litany of mis-information and outright lies.

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Only by recognizing that in today's well-connected society the corporate feet will be held to the fire in ways that previously simply were not possible due to the inabilitiy to get the right people together in discussion and for research simply due to time and distance constraints. It is no longer necessary for people to travel to meet and share notes and information - they can do it from the comfort and privacy of their own homes, wherever that might be on our planet. They can share their concerns and perspective, information on actual activies from "the scene of the crime" taken with their cell-phone camera and shared in real-time with their peers and others interested in seconds, no matter where those people might be.

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When you control what people can see in their daily news, you control things like getting a bad law passed

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The opportunities abound today - low interest rates, lots of good people looking for work - seems like we've been here before - and Seth shows we have been - good read!
"The Chance of a Lifetime" reprint from 9 years ago

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Great satire - maybe (but I fear not) some of the idiots supporting SOPA will stop and read it and actually understand the problem they're trying to cause.
Here's a little satire I wrote about SOPA, imagining the same regimen applied to airlines because of all the bootleg DVDs and CDs in their holds flying into the USA.

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Dear US citizens - if you allow SOPA to pass, your country will be cut off from the rest of the internet as fast as we can do it. No ifs, ands, buts - you lose.
The internet routes around errors and broken segments as a matter of course - and it treats censorship as an error condition.
I've already moved my business and that of my customers away from US hosting companies due to insane tax laws. I've already registered .CA equivalents of all the .COM and .NET domains I have. I'm prepared to dump you - are you prepared to be dumped?

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For some strange reason, this article strikes a chord with me. Could be because I just had a tumor in my colon removed.
The Open Source style of research has extended from where I first met and embraced it in the software environment, first to computer hardware, then to all manner of engineering disciplines.
This article points out that the rapid progress of identification of uses of a single break-through compound using Open Source techniques has shaved years off its development cycle.
Come on folks - let's get on the bandwagon and get as much information on what we're each doing as we can into each other's hands so we reduce duplicate (and costly) work and increase the synergies manyfold.

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November 11, 2000 - Cadets on guard - I wasn't up to standing in the rain this morning so I spent the time pulling together some archive video from when my two sons were in Air Cadets and stood on guard at the Maple Ridge cenotaph in 2000 - enjoy

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If you're Canadian, you need to read this post about what the Harper government is trying to (and likely to succeed in) do that affects every single Canadian with any form of communications facility. We spent millions sending our troops to the likes of Afghanistan and Libya to help overthrow regimes that do this kind of thing.
Why would be be allowing the same kind of "big brother" surveillance here in Canada?
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