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Scientist turned novelist
Scientist turned novelist

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Character development is never easy, but these suggestions may help.

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Here are four points to
consider when creating fictional characters : 1. Spend less time
describing characters’ appearances. Show their actions ,
especially if their actions put them in conflict with the norms of their
worlds. another example of show not te...

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We all encounter strange
events occasionally. You know - incidents you don’t quite understand. Some are
scary; others are funny; many are just weird. Write them down . They make
great material in a novel. Let me tell you about an
incident that surprised me ...

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Great Fiction Depends on Great Characters
We all know character development is important, but most of us are tired of the standard advice: Avoid stereotypes. Model your characters on real people with foibles.  Maybe these three points will start you thinking about character development. 1. Spend le...

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A Little History for Memorial Day
After more than forty years, many
of the “little stories” about the Vietnam War have been lost. That’s too bad because I
suspect George Santayana was right: “Those who cannot remember the past are
doomed to repeat it.” Thus, when a friend, who was a medic i...

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A Guest - Marilyn Meredith - Explains Her Compulsion to Write
Marilyn Meredith is the successful author of two series of mysteries. The newest book in her Rocky Bluff P.D. series is Unresolved . It's number 13. Does that make it lucky? After the blurb, Marilyn will explain why she continues to write even though she is...

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How I Chose the Title for RIDDLED WITH CLUES
The title should tell you something about the book . The Book Seller of Kabul by Åsne
Seierstad is an informative title, which tells the reader about the setting and
a major character. Most titles are more symbolic, but hint at the topic. Examples
are Frank...

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Janet Greger commented on a post on Blogger.
OTHER PEOPLE'S MOTHERS might make you take a fresh look at your own mother and and gain a more realistic understanding of yourself. We're all more like our mothers than we care to admit.

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two-thirds of the women in the United States are mothers. Yet, much of the
fiction written about them emphasizes their romances and careers. I thought the
topic of mothers in fiction was a good topic for spring. The
writers of the TV series, The Brady ...

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Memories and Facts in Fiction
After I read several glowing accounts of the   “good old days,” I asked friends about their memories of their
childhoods and turned their memories into TheGood Old Days? A Collection of Stories. Although my vignettes are
fiction, my friends’ memories create...
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