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A Work in Progress.
A Work in Progress.

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When Life Gives You Bananas...
I reach for the bananas in the grocery store and feel an
unexpected pang of sadness. Out of the blue, I miss my mother.   Over years of her decline, I chauffeured her on errands and
sighed deeply when she admitted she’d meant to make a list, but…   I knew w...

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What Truths Is Twitter Revealing About Our Nation’s Collective Character?
The vitriol that is spread under the cover of social media anonymity is quickly infecting the rest of society. March 7, 2017  by  Mary Novaria   Featured on The Good Men Project Getty Images I’ve heard it said that folks who spew malicious attacks and toxic...

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When close allies of the President believe that because they “won” they now have carte blanche to treat folks in whatever demeaning way they choose—whether on Twitter or in person—we know we have lost our collective civility.

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A Mother's Lessons Lead to Her Final Gift
As seen on  Photo Credit:  Ondřej Šálek  Flickr via  Compfight   cc “I
want to die.”   It
was hard to hear when my mother first said the words to me over the phone, but
I understood why she felt that way. Besides robbing her of memory, that thief
dementia h...

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What's Mary Tyler Moore Got to Do With the New Trump Regime?
As seen on Huffington Post This was supposed to be about Mary Tyler Moore. As a young broadcast journalist, living by myself in a
studio apartment, I couldn’t help but liken myself to Moore’s iconic character,
Mary Richards, associate producer of the news a...

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How I Uncovered Long Forgotten Meaning In Our Family’s Christmas Traditions
As seen in Feminine Collective simpleinsomnia  Flickr via  Compfight   cc I was 8 years old when I realized there was no Santa Claus.
I’d lost the Snow White watch I’d received for Christmas—the one with the
yellow leather band that came with a plastic figu...

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