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Few thoughts about iPhone vs Galaxy Nexus
I was never fun of any phone photography, but with iPhone it might change:
these images made by iPhone 4S, using HDR+ (first two images, with real double exposure) and stock camera appl in HDR mode (last two).
Honestly, I was surprised by the quality. So yes, I love iPhone camera. (Check Galaxy Nexus gallery to compare:

Now, the dark side of iPhone:

It is absolutely hard for me to get use to iOS interface: it is, like back to 80'th . Ok, not to 80ies but like back to Android 2.0 OS.
It is so less intuitive and just old-fashioned comparing to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) I had on Galaxy Nexus. Menus, lack of widgets, lack of normal GTalk, etc, etc.
Another thing is a battery life: iPhone dies in 6-8 hours, with talk about 10 min total and some regular(for me) data usage. Galaxy Nexus lasted 12 hours with no problems. While I still (possibly) get use to iOS, phone won't be usable if it will last less than a business day.

So.. Monday I'll know for sure if I'll use my 30 days return policy: having great camera is cool, but not enough for me to overcome the rest of the issues.

Keep in mind I that I am not trying to convince anyone, just sharing my own very subjective experience. Please just sit and enjoy amazing iPhone photos:-)
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