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i say pass this truth on as fast as possible will make a difference to those that are trying to stay alive....
 Josh Middledorf has been asking about aging all his life. (He has a blog [] and a website [] where he discusses his findings.) He has recently published a book [] with his overall perspective. (The preface [] provides a summary.)

The basic idea is that we have genes that promote aging. We will not "solve" aging until we learn how to turn off those genes. From the preface:

It is remarkable that aging is one of these core life functions that almost all eukaryotes share. There are genes that modulate aging in yeast cells that are close cousins of aging genes in worms, in flies, and in mammals, including you and me. Despite the fact that aging is a disaster for the individual, evolution seems to have guarded and preserved the genes for aging as though they were the crown jewels. This is a dead giveaway that aging must have an essential biological function.

What is aging's biological function? It promotes the survival of the group. Middledorf argues for group and even ecosystem selection.

Natural selection is not just the life and death of individuals but also the rise and collapse of local populations and of entire ecosystems. Evolution is about cooperation as well as selfishness, and aging has evolved as part of the dues owed by an individual for participating in a stable ecosystem. Evolution and ecology have inscribed a death sentence in our genes. We literally pay with our lives to protect ecosystems, as increased death rate via aging prevents the sort of wild overgrowth that presages wholesale population collapse.

Middledorf does not have a complete answer, but he thinks that we can prolong our lives via a number of paths. Here's a summary from a link [] on his website.

1. Keep your weight down with exercise, dietary tricks, and periodic fasting.
2. Aspirin or ibuprofen, fish oil, turmeric, and other anti-inflammatory supplements.
3. Mega doses of vitamin D boost your immune functions and lower cancer risk.
4. Supplement with magnesium to improve insulin sensitivity (possibly brain health and lower mortality).
5. Telomere therapy with milk thistle, carnosine, ashwagandha, cyclo-astragenol, etc.

The payoff: My guess is that we might add about a decade with all the above measures taken together. And we are likely to be healthier, stronger, with more energy, more mental focus and vivacity all along the way. Some might consider this a disappointing return for a monumental effort*. I see it as a reward at every level for culturing wise habits.
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Drug reverses memory failure caused by traumatic brain injury

In an unprecedented finding, UC San Francisco scientists used an experimental drug to completely reverse severe learning and memory impairments caused by traumatic brain injury (TBI) in mice. Surprisingly, the drug fully restored the ability to learn and remember in the brain-injured mice even when the animals were first treated as much as a month after injury.
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