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Staff.Janice Mak
STEM Educator and Advocate, Google Educator
STEM Educator and Advocate, Google Educator

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More iteration and production...
Last time, I shared about Untangled and how my students created, designed and printed a device to untie shoelaces.  They redesigned it based on timed trials and made it thinner, even adding an 'ergonomic' handle to it.  While the original was too thick and ...

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Hello Leah,
I am very seriously interested in this collaboration.  I am currently working on my doctorate in science education and this is actually a task for my upcoming fall semester.  Please provide me with more details and how I can be involved.

Thank you,

Janice Mak
Hello Global Educators,
Xin chao from Vietnam! It is so exciting to see teachers making connections here.  We are looking for classrooms teachers seriously interested in participating in a multinational, PBL collaboration that focuses on 21st century 4C's and cross-cultural exchange.  This is a project organized by Southeast Asian teachers in Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Vietnam (to name a few).  We are hoping to have classes in other continents join.  Please contact me if you are interested.  

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Iteration in Process
The student 'companies' in my class have begun working on the product development process.  They have designed and printed their company logos in 3D and now are working on their actual products.  One of the companies called themselves "Untangled" and specia...

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Future Entrepreneurs
Our student 'companies' have been formed and students applied for positions such as President and VPs of Design, Manufacturing and Finance.  I have been using this website to pull articles for my students to read and learn about aspects of starting a compan...

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Celebrating Students is highlighting students who are changing the world by coding and this week, one of my students was honored as their "Student of the Week."  His interview and links to his apps and creations can be seen at this link.

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Oh, the things you can make!
We started this week with our new project-based learning unit with the driving question:  What makes businesses successful and innovative?  Along with this, we'll be diving into the entrepreneurial cycle, innovation, and much more.  Integral to all of this ...

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Algorithms Here, Algorithms there...
Math this week has taken a computational thinking (CT) twist to it.  We started a series of topics in math that I thought would be powerful if we could apply CT skills to all of these scenarios.  We started with multiplication of fractions.  I had students ...

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Last night, I had the privilege of attending the award banquet for NCWIT aspirations in computing award winners.  24 high school girls were awarded at ASU in the Memorial Union Ballroom for their accomplishments and aspirations to change the world through c...
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