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hey, who do I know who lives in Chicago? I'm planning a trip right now
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among a few different project ideas, I'm considering revising Dream Askew and turning the text into a book-length guide. After years of play and honed design skills, I have lots of ideas about how to transform and develop that game - slicker & more robust setup procedures, better rules for shared setting ownership, streamlined character sheets, more setting details embedded in the text.

is there interest in that idea?
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I would totally buy that book!
I'm potentially interested, need details
I don't see a need to revise this game.
Move on to newer, better things already!
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Hey, indie publishers,

I need to reprint The Quiet Year, and I want to find a different playing card manufacturer. Here's my specs:

1.) Looking for a place that's competitive and high-quality at 500-3000 decks.
2.) Looking to print a full-colour deck of custom cards with custom tuckbox.
3.) Preference for a worker's co-operative or union shop.
4.) Fast turn-around, ideally printing within the US.

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I'm curious to hear thoughts, delights, reactions, and questions about the recently-released Monsterhearts 2 PDF, from anyone who has dove into it!
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hey nerd friends, quick question!

When you buy a new edition of a game (like say, Monsterhearts 2), what are your expectations about the art you'll see? Are you pleased to see iconic character portraits carried over between editions, with some replacements and additions here and there? Would you rather see a lot of sweeping changes, and only a few carry-overs? Are you disappointed if there's repeat art from the first edition? Does it matter to you one way or the other?

Asking for a friend.
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Writing this section of Monsterhearts 2 where I give an example of a Skin that someone might want to create, and so I'm describing this non-existent Skin that's a dog-person who's just such a loving and loyal best friend, who will make absolutely terrible choices if it makes their best friend happy, who just so desperately wants to be a good boy.

And like, it is very hard to resist just dropping what I'm doing to write The Good Boy right this second, y'know?

You just want to do the right thing. You just want to make others happy. You're man's best friend. But what kind of creature is man?
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So, in december I went in for a gender-related surgery. I've mostly been confined to bed since then, and so have been doing some of the final writing on Monsterhearts 2 from a makeshift bed desk over the past couple weeks.

And I only just remembered how similar this is to when I was wrapping up the first edition. A few days into 2012 I fell and fractured my pelvis, and so spent three months on bed rest. I shot my kickstarter video from bed, ran the whole campaign from bed, and went through the editing and layout process from bed.

Kind of funny how these things shake out.
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"I’ve said before, but if anyone wanted to run a WicDiv RPG, I’d suggest hacking Monsterhearts." -Kieron Gillen wrote a really lovely post about why he's excited to be contributing to the Monsterhearts 2 campaign, fingers crossed. I'm really excited about this collaboration, y'all!
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friends, in case you didn't already know: Monsterhearts 2 is currently on kickstarter, with eight days to go before the end of the campaign. I wanted to share a few updates that I'm really excited about.

The first is that Cecilia Reis finished the new cover art, shown here! These are the three characters who appear on the front of the book, with another three appearing on the back. More of Cecilia's work can be found at

I was interviewed by +Brie Sheldon, and that interview is up at

Another interview went live at Gnome Stew today, between myself and +Darcy Ross. Check it out at

The campaign has a slate of stretch goals, bringing in collaborators to contribute new micro-settings to Monsterhearts 2. The next two on the horizon are Leigh Alexander and Kieron Gillen.

Leigh Alexander has pitched Knickerbocker Heights: An industrial district wreathed in graffiti sunbursts where the raw heart of New York City's music scene beats riotously from behind hidden doors.

Kieron Gillen has pitched Purgatory High: Jet black afterlife satire. Do you graduate to a white halo job, drop out to to the burning pit below or just deal with a double math class that actually does stretch on for eternity. High School isn't hell... but it's close.

Okay, that's it. New cover art, two new interviews, two stretch goals I'm really excited about. Thanks for reading, love you all.
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Hey friends,

I wanted to show you the finalized cover art for Monsterhearts 2, which currently live on Kickstarter (8 days remain). I am really delighted that this community exists, and that folks have already been sharing news related to the launch. <3
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