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Love this <3 
Yeah, sometimes I judge. Sometimes I disagree with other people's choices. And that's all perfectly fine.

But that doesn't give me any right to go ahead and voice my opinion. Everyone acts, looks, and dresses differently. Let's all just appreciate everyone's individuality and uniqueness and stop bitching about it.

No, being rude and acting like its okay to downgrade someone's style is not okay. No, it's not "freedom of speech". It hurts. Don't be a jerk about it. Just respect it.

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Looking for something to do during the summer? Help out with beta-Testing at IYl! 
Link -> 

What is IYL? 

     IYL, Inflating Your Learning, is a program aimed at using social media to expand teenagers range of learning. Learning, not being educated. Learning is something that a person does out of self interest, while education is something someone elses teaches you. At IYL we see a clear distinction learning and educating. We believe that learning should be something fun and something that one should have a control of. It should be interactive and explorative instead of facts and quizzes. 

     We are also trying to address some major social problems. 
Teenagers spend alot of time on the net. It’s a given. And all that time is washed down the unproductive garbage chute. Our purpose is to show that not all their time has to be wasted. This leads into our second problem. 
The mass amount of time spent online is done so on Social media. We are overwhelmed with devices and apps to interact with each other. And yet these devices are mainly used for nothing  more than chatting and sharing memes. We want to show that you can have just as fun learning on a social media format as much as you do texting. 
Lastly, we want teenagers to be more confident about talking about what their learning and experiencing. While our social lives have become public our learning has become isolated. When we read an interesting fact or learn something cool we are hesitant about sharing it online because they might seem uncool. We want to show that it’s just the opposite. It’s very cool. 

Still interested? 
Here’s how to sign-up. 
Follow this link to the program’s website. Link -  
Spend some time reading the information there so you know what you are getting into. 
There’s a sign-up survey at the bottom that you need you fill out to join! 
And whether you join or not, thank you for reading this far! Please share this and help to get the word out to those who would also be interested! Thank you!~ 

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OMG!!! Parent-Teacher conferences are sooo awkward!!! 

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Love this!!! Love the southern twang, and meaningful words as always! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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BEST COSPLAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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