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A Viewer's Guide to Classic Movies -- what to look for, what to notice, how to enjoy!
A Viewer's Guide to Classic Movies -- what to look for, what to notice, how to enjoy!


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How to Become a Nazi: The Mortal Storm
(This is a repost of an article from a few months ago. It seems timely now.) A Nazi book-burning In
The Mortal Storm, we see a country ruled by a "leader" whose world view
is based largely on self- aggrandizing fantasy, establishment of one
religious gro...

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The Captive Heart: Emotional Rescue
  Michael Redgrave falls in love with a dead man's wife through letters It's almost better to come across this movie by accident; at first it seems to be a typical, well-made British World War 2 morale-builder, with quite honest attempts to take note of peo...

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An MGM publicity shot from the 1940s My grandmother loved Red Skelton. She lived with us for a few years when I was a small child, and my mom was working (even though it was the late fifties). She didn’t ask for much, bur one thing we had to do every week —...

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The Buccaneer: "The Pirate Said He'd Help Us..."
Dolly Madison flees the White House with the portrait of George Washington This is all a lot of people know about Jean Lafitte, Andrew Jackson, and the War of 1812, if they know anything at all -- the great song by Jimmie Driftwood: "Well, in eighteen and f...

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Why Yesterday Matters
Tyrone Power in the South Pacific There's a wonerful movie blog I follow called Stars and Letters, whose
proprietor collects just what it says -- letters to and from classic
movie stars, as well as directors, producers, designers, etc. You never know what...

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Dandy Indeed: the American Musical, a Gift From George M.
George M. Cohan Most people today only know the name of George M. Cohan through the beloved musical biography which starred James Cagney, in a brilliant, Oscar-winning performance as the then world-famous star. Yankee Doodle Dandy is eternally watchable, ev...

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BritBox: A Streaming Treat
BritBox is a new subscription service for multiple platforms, including Roku, android, iphones, Chromecast, and many more. It's a collaboration between British broadcasters ITV and the BBC making a a wealth of British programming available in the U.S. And t...

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Women Take Center Stage: D.W. Griffith's Resolute Heroines
Way Down East and Scarlet Days One of the greatest things about pioneering director D. W. Griffith is his ability to let it all hang out. He didn’t censor himself, even when he probably should have. Part of his genius (possibly of anybody’s genius) lay in h...

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I've always enjoyed tis movie -- especially Van Johnson and Lana Turner
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