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HOT MESS Untitled Art Show - Friday, June 15 @ 'Welcome to 1979' 6-10PM
I'm registered and paid - come see us!

I'll be showing in the main exhibit as well as the 'Small Works' exhibit. Let me know if I get to see you there!

...Not until I have to go back to work, are the things I want to do together interesting enough to get your attention.

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For my friends who've shared Google's info, I figured you would want to know about this as well.

Demand Progress is an organization that supports forward movement in social justice and legislation. they are a great resource to find out about things like this.

(Representative) -

I am a recently registered constituent, and would like to ask that you vote down the current attempts of internet censorship.

Not only do these bills have faulty language, I believe the greater premise behind them is false as well.

American copyright laws can be respected and enforced without the use of imposed censorship.

I believe that censorship, under any guise or use, is an affront and threat to the expression and voice of the people.

Please protect my voice, and the voice of the Tennesseans that you represent by voting down government censorship.

Thank you for your time,

Trevor Marlin

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