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Dean Hall
Software engineer, Linux systems engineer, progressive, atheist, amateur photographer, skeptic, Apple acolyte.
Software engineer, Linux systems engineer, progressive, atheist, amateur photographer, skeptic, Apple acolyte.

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Intelligent cybernetic organisms with a bipedal, android form who can also mutate and rearrange their component parts to assume another form of their choosing more conducive to fast travel, whether on the ground or in the air, depending on their alliance to good or evil: Judgments concerning their capabilities after only one sighting are insufficient. #catchylyrics  

So who sucked most off the government teat? The family using food stamps and Medicaid for mere subsistence? Or the “self-made man” who required a stable, educated society, a safe and well-maintained infrastructure, a strong legal system, and a healthy, growing economy to even begin to fathom an ethical, upwardly mobile path to achieve anything at all, much less riches?

Try telling a child that life outside of their fairy tale isn't hopeless, desperate, cheerless, and desperate—that it can be full of happiness, purpose, wonder, and love. Now you have a glimmer of what it's like to be an atheist constantly having to rebut the idea that faith is necessary for a full life.

Come to think of it, "Starship Troopers" (the movie) has a lot of subtext commentary about military structure.

You've got your grunt squad, drilled by a tough guy who tells you you're a piece of shit, doing training so hardcore you may experience your brains exiting your skull, fucking in dusty 8-person tents, and then doing the real work of killing bugs and dying in the thousands.

Then you've got your pilots, whose training we don't see, officers from the start, sitting high and dry in a comfy bridge, a pretty boy tutoring the gut-smart rookie, probably making passionate and clean love in a well-lit private bunk with Egyptian cotton sheets, led by a woman captain who tells you how great you are in between naps in her spacious cabin.

Finally, we have the psychic, a high-ranking officer in a spotless uniform proclaiming his own success, who, for all we know has been doing very little if anything but sitting in a comfy room and thinking hard in between boffing lieutenants looking for cushy assignments.

I think the implications are clear: Grunts do all the work, officers fly around in comfort, and command swoops in at the last moment to claim success for themselves.

I may be reading too much into the gaps, and it depends on Heinlein (or the screenplay writer) being a sexist tool (which Heinlein definitely was), but it seems pretty clear to me.

So is Google+ open about problems, and does it provide support? That's the way to kill Facebook.

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Cloud server host: "We had to reboot the physical server your VPS is on."
Me: "Can you be more specific?"
Cloud server host: "Because we had to reboot the physical server your VPS is on."

The first time this happened, it was because of "proprietary data", as if a DDOS, a disk failure, or tripping over a cable were trade secrets.

This time, I simply got a reiteration of the facts, as if that explains everything.

Not sure if I have a typography hobby or a fetish. 

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Nice subtle colors, love the lines.
Straight Up -- Las Vegas, NV

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An oldie, but it still rocks.
Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

P.S. -Spoiler alert!
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