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John Demartini
Author, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute
Author, Leadership and Performance Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Founder of the Demartini Institute


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Before you go to bed tonight, remember everyone who helped you today.
Call up their image in your mind’s eye and thank them for their support or challenge, niceness or meanness or simply their presence in your life.

Continue until you feel great gratitude for your day, until you see that both sides are perfectly balanced and both are love.

Going to sleep with a grateful, open heart is a very powerful healing practice.
Your dreams will become more inspiring, and you will awaken in the morning with a lighter state of mind.

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Say "Thank You"

There is no limit to how many times you can thank a person, including yourself, and while it may only be two simple words, the meaning is universal and the effects can be profound.

To boost your spirits you might think of all the people that you have not gotten around to thanking and write them a thank you letter and send to them.
You will not only make their day, you will lighten up your own.

In my video, I share the importance of knowing both yours and your loved one’s values and how that assists you in mastering the art of communication and building inspiring relationships with others.

Love and Wisdom

Many stressful situations involve personal interactions with others, it’s wise to ask where and when you have participated in such an interaction with someone else who perceived you as being the source of their stress.

This question can humble you and make you think twice about unwisely judging others, since a lot of stress involves exaggerated judgments about others.

Self-reflection is wise and honest introspection often reveals humbling histories.
When you become reflective your expectations often become more realistic.

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Be sure to act on your inspirations.
When you don’t follow the inspirations and intuitions of your inner voice promptly you can begin to emotionally beat yourself up.

This is not terrible though for it is simply part of the grand and magnificent design of conscious evolution.

It is a blessing for it assures that no matter what happens, you will eventually learn and gradually or immediately unfold your inner spiritual mission, talent, and destiny.

Life events will at times force you to listen to that wise voice within.
The inspired beings throughout history learned to follow it.

Those who have ignored it have passed by many opportunities it could have provided.

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Be clear on what you would love, and be grateful for all that you already have.
Positive thinking alone will not change lives, but balanced thinking, which opens the heart to gratitude and love will.

See both sides, ask how what you think challenges you, serves you.

This will lower your stress and increase your vitality and enthusiasm for living.

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Each person expresses love through their own values.

A father with a high value on education may express his love by giving his child a book containing information he thinks valuable to learn.

A mother who values beauty may help her children become more physically appealing.

We give what we most value receiving.

When we honor our partner’s values, we realize we are surrounded by love in forms we sometimes don’t recognize.
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