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Applied Psychology for Yogis
Applied Psychology For Yogis advances the way we think about, practice, and teach modern yoga.
Applied Psychology For Yogis advances the way we think about, practice, and teach modern yoga.


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Enrollment for the 2015 cohort is still open! Don't miss this opportunity to learn and grown with Livia.

PSYCHO SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LITERACY FOR YOGA TEACHERS is the Jedi training you didn't receive in your average teacher training. This training fills in some of the gaps that traditional yoga teacher trainings have specifically when it comes to psychological finesse.

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Do not miss Livia this weekend at the Steamboat Movement Fest in Steamboat Springs, CO! Come and enjoy four days of yoga, live music and outdoor adventure! Come for a little, or come for a lot, just be sure not to miss this fantastic Summer event!
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How to Keep Your Shit Together and Help Everyone Else Along The Way

Summer Session 2015 Cohort

It is said that in our modern age "we are all in shock". Yoga studio waivers do not take full histories of peoples life experiences. Meaning, we do not always know who and with what trauma story someone might walk into our class. Rather than being afraid, we can simply take this as opportunity to educate ourselves as teachers. We can build classes and teach in a "Psychologically Sound" way so that our class is for everyone, regardless of story. We can also continue to work through our own patternsand build new connections within our psyches and bodies to such a degree that our very presence in the classroom is a healing itself.

Have you ever noticed the yoga practice elicits or surfaces emotions and stories?
Are you curious about how shock and trauma is stored in the body?
Do you feel like you need to know how to support your students when their emotions pour through them in class?
Do you want to understand how to teach a "Psychologically Sound" class for all?
Are you ready to work with your own emotions using your body as tool for support?
Are you willing to add a layer of depth to your teaching, making you a safe space for all?
If you answered YES to any or all of these, this course is for you.

This webinar teaches the essentials of somatic (body-based) resourcing, cutting edge understanding of shock and trauma, why yoga is a natural tool for moving out of shock and into embodiment, and so much more...

What You Get
~A high level, high integrity, honest learning environment.
~Recordings of every lecture to watch at your own time and pace.
~Lecture downloads in audio and video to keep.
~A manual in the form of printable files for your own library to return to again and again.
~Homework assignments to support your learning and practice your new skills.
~Video tutorials
~Video and audio asana practices.
~An online group of incredible support and like minded devoted teachers.
~One Somatic Mentoring Session with Livia to explore your own story and specific teaching issues.


Classes 1 Essentials to understanding Shock, Trauma, Resourcing and Integration from yogic and somatic psychology perspectives.
Class 2 Basic Terminology: shock, trauma, activation, regulation, integration, somatic regulation, somatic integration, titration, distress tolerance, emotional disregulation
Class 3 Neuroscience of Shock and Trauma: The Limbic System
Class 4 Neuroscience of Shock and Trauma: Memory and the inextricable link between motion and emotion.
Class 5 The Nervous System and Polyvagal Theory 
Class 6 Resourcing: Somatic, Internal, External.
Class 7 Self Regulation and Somatic Integration: how to manage our own tendencies and unwind our patterns. 
Class 8 Minding the Minefield: how to recognize and support shock in students
Class 9 and 10 The Psychologically Sound Yoga Classroom: how to deal with activation in class
Class 11 Q&A, Practicum

~Meetings 75 minutes. 1-2:15 EST
~Tuesdays June 2, 9, 16, 23. Thursday July 9, 16, 23, Thursdays August 6, 13, 20, Wednesday Sept 16) 
~11 sessions June 2-August 20 (final session September 16)
~ Cost $460
~1 Mentoring Sessions with Livia
~Payment Plans available.
~Some scholarships available.
~Live attendance is not required (though recommended). ~All lecture sessions are recorded and downloadable

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Check out Applied Psychology For Yogis!  Tough love programs that bring yoga practitioners into their highest integrity, deepest truths, and fullest creative expression.   #yoga   #psychology   

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