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Deb Hicks
eLearning Coach at two Melbourne primary schools.
eLearning Coach at two Melbourne primary schools.

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A wonderfully reflective post, Aaron. Thanks. I think one of the best things that Ultranet achieved was to start a real conversation about eLearning in Victorian schools and to raise the bar on what ICT needs to look like and be like. No doubt it raised the bar higher than the product was able to support, but this can only be a good thing.  I agree with your thoughts about structured, formalised networks, although they have the advantage of capturing people who are not quite so connected in other ways. There are many teachers who have not embraced the freely developed connections of twitter, google+, etc. I love the idea of TeachMeets, the pedagogy is fantastic. I'm not so sure that it's as easy as picking a date and a venue. It seems to me, from participation in many networks, that an event always needs an organiser and people prepared to share their practice and ideas.....and all too often this falls to the same few people. It takes a bit of effort and skill to run a meeting that appears to be unstructured and inclusive, vibrant and 'spontaneous'. But they are great to be a part of when they nail it!! I hope we get to meet up at a TeachMeet soon......until then, I'll catch you online :)
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