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Pierced Heart Art
I am an amateur photographer/artist who tries not to take life too seriously
I am an amateur photographer/artist who tries not to take life too seriously

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Week 29: When Bipolar and Depression Collide
This has been a pretty interesting week.  Those of you who follow our Facebook know that I wrote a post about depression, following the suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Ginger wrote one on Bipolar.  It sparked a lot of discussion.  Both Ging...

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Week 28: 50th Anniversary for my Mom and Dad
50 years ago today my Mom and Dad were married.  50 years.  I have watched, learned, how love grows, blossoms, and matures through their example.  I have seen them in incredible highs and weather terrible storms.  And through it all I have seen them grow st...

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Week 27 Portraits of Ginger, Us, Grandchildren and More
Well this is a week where I put my new Canon 16-35mm lens through it's paces.  Ginger had a haircut, Ginger's sister's family was here and I even took a candid shot of me coming home from work out in Lindale! So who get's the coveted first photo?  Ginger of...

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Week 26: Portrait of Ginger and I
So after the black and white shot from last week, the self portrait, another idea came into my head.  I wanted to do a picture of Ginger and I, one in which she was laying her head and hand on my chest.  I wanted it to be another black and white and moody. ...

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Week 25: Self Portrait and Fractals
So last week I posted a picture of Ginger.  Decided this week I would put my new lens through it's paces and do a self portrait of me.  Using my new 16-35mm lens and a remote flash, decided to take a moody low light picture.  When Ginger saw it she loved it...

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Week 23-24: Ginger and Begs
So last weekend we got to take a trip out to Quanah Texas for the Price family reunion.  Hot, dry, and high winds, it was fun to go out to the cabin and spend some time with family.  The high winds did prevent some of the photo's I had planned (we had a ful...

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Week 22: World War II Montage
Just wanted to thank all of you that gave me support and encouragement for the last post.  It happened to be one of my more popular blog posts in quite a while!   This week I have been working on a project for Ginger's family.  I actually came up with the i...

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Week 21: Memorial Day and Remembrance
Splatter Threshold Portrait Memorial Day weekend.  This is a time that we remember those who have given their lives for the freedom's that this country offers.  You may not like who is in office at the time, but many people have died to give you the ability...

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Week 20: Mom and Dad and Nordic blood
So this past weekend (actually since Thursday), I have been able to have a wonderful visit with my parents.  It is a joyous time, filled with laughter and talks about genetics.  Yep, genetics.  Usually I end up finding out more about why I am the way I am, ...

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Week 18-20: Storm clouds, Georgia, and a Special Wedding
Well we are back from Georgia, safe and sound!  We got back last weekend and it has taken us this week to get all settled again and back in the groove.  I took a vacation from blogging too, figured I would concentrate on taking good pictures.  So I have pic...
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