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Dai un'occhiata al Tweet di @ScuderiaFerrari:

Someone should buy some cds to ferrari...their tastes in music is horrible 😧😧

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Big meeting today at Renault HQ. CEO Carlos Ghosn to discuss F1 future with Alain Prost & Cyril Abiteboul.  via +auto motor und sport 

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#F1 Red Bull tries to get Mercedes V6 for 2016 as Ferrari only offers 1 year old engine specs (2015). ToroRosso could end up with Honda :

Sad to hear that Satoru Iwata passed away.. :(

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“Help Kimi Raikkonen to take his seat in 2016 because he deserve it. He'sa great driver and man. Keep Kimi!”

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#F1   #AustralanGp   #Hamilton  fastest in S1 & S2, Rosberg in 3rd . #Raikkonen  ideal lap time 1:27.422 would have put him in 3rd place 

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#F1   #AustralianGP  
18% lap time spent braking
Average deceleration 4.0G
Dissipated energy in braking during Gp 258 kWh
Total load on the pedal during the Gp  64.322 Kg

In T1 drivers slow down in 113m from 323km\h to 143km\h in 2.1s undergoing a decelaration of 5.2G with a load on the brake pedal of 155Kg , generating 2690Kw
via +Brembo Brakes 

Just a bit of fun here, don't take it too seriously.. anyway yesterday I kept an eye on Nasr race sim, specially at his 1st stint on hard compound.. well assuming that the fuel loads were similar for other teams, times and pace were absolutely competitive.. I will not make here a direct comparison , but at least 3 teams that in 2014 were ahead of the C33, now it seems they are behind the C34 

Edd Straw from Autosport pick his all time top 5 +Sauber F1 Team drivers. Do you agree ?

5- Kamui Kobayashi
4- J.J. Letho
3- Kimi Raikkonen
2- Nico Hulkenberg
1- Robert Kubica 
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