Alan Turning's school reports.

Maths: "Works well. He is still very untidy. He must try to improve in this respect." [Maybe he was writing in code?]

Maths: "Very good. He has considerable powers of reasoning and should do well if he can quicken up a little and improve his style." [A little slow?]

Maths: "A very good term’s work, but his style is dreadful and his paper always dirty." [You know this whole untidiness thing isn't fitting a stereotype].

"Not very good. He spends a good deal of time apparently in investigations in advanced mathematics to the neglect of his elementary work. A sound ground work is essential in any subject. His work is dirty."

"Easily the best mathematician in the set. His position is caused by untidiness and carelessness due largely to impatience to let on something great as soon as he has seen his way through a problem." [Teacher finally started to get a clue]

"His work on Higher Certificate papers shows distinct promise, but he must realise that ability to put a neat & tidy solution on paper – intelligible & legible – is necessary for a first-rate mathematician." [It is. I don't know any mathematicians who aren't neat]
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