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Have you guys noticed that the newest version of Twitter for Android (the official app) has had its settings menu and the dialog boxes holo-fied? The main UI is still the same (and quite well designed, in my opinion) but all other elements have been upgraded to match the Holo theme.
Wherever you are, Twitter brings you closer.Essential: An organized stream ...
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Ok, clarification. Discussion is exactly the place for this: discussion about apps that are not necessarily Holo. So don't worry Paanini :)
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Here's a modified version of Google Music by Android Police's +Ron Amadeo which uses the Holo theme instead of the old Tron-style theme used by Honeycomb.
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You can try disabling the system app and installing this one. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Music and click on Disable. That'll remove all trace of it from your phone (you can always enable it again later if you want)
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Paanini Navilekar

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The popular text-based To-Do app now has a holo-themed fork!

No frills, and syncs with Dropbox.
A port of Todo.txt Touch using the Holo light theme.
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It is definitely a fork. It upgrades the original app to full-out Holo. Been using it since day 1. 
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Out of curiosity, what To-do list / note-taking app do you guys use? I'm currently using a combination of Evernote + Tasks, but I find Evernote to be slightly sluggish.
Looking for something lightweight, well designed and preferably Holo.
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Catch Notes here.
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Paanini Navilekar

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Android client for MPD (Music Player Daemon)

It can act both as a remote control for your desktop music player like Ncmpcpp / Ario / Sonata (front-end for MPD) or as a streaming client for MPD
Warning : MPDroid is not yet compatible with android 4.2 if you use wlan ss...
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Hey guys, I just bought a Nexus 7 32GB for Christmas, and I'm going to unlock the boot loader and root it. I was toying with the idea of installing Cm 10.1or something similar, that supports the tablet interface settings.

My question is, is it worth it? Is it stable enough for everyday use, or should I stick to stock 4.2.1?

Please let me know of any interesting ROMs or apps I can use; this is my first Android tablet! 
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I don't like the old tablet interface. After using the N7 for a while I've grown to love the phoneish interface. There are a few times the more minimal approach offered by the old style is better though.
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Paanini Navilekar

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Honestly, I think Microsoft should just adopt an open standard like IMAP IDLE on their Windows Phone platform, rather than forcing the proprietary Exchange ActiveSync down everyone's throats.
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