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Here's a video of a nano quadcopter named Crazyflie that me and my two fiends +Tobias Antonsson and +Arnaud Taffanel did. The project is open source and designed with development and hackability in mind. It's also developed using only open source tools. Have a look at our page +Bitcraze or our website www.bitcraze.se
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Fantastic work! Congratulations. :-) 
+Marcus Eliasson It's really cool. Just want to know how noob friendly it will be. Really considering a pre order. 
I like.. ready to start hacking ; )
So... Who wants to buy me one? :p
All joking aside, it's nice to see a budget friendly quadracopter. This is my next. 
+Marcus Eliasson i want to make one which is in-expensive or just customize this to be flown with an iphone. could you give me the parts list
This is mad cool.  A magnificent hack.
+azeem sheriff If you want to use the Crazyflie there's an expansion header where you can connect your own hacks. Using this you could connect a Bluetooth 4.0 LE module and that would enable you to control it directly from your Iphone if you add firmware support for it.

The schematics are open source so you can have a look here: http://wiki.bitcraze.se/projects:crazyflie:hardware:schematics

And here's a drawing of the expansion header where you can connect your own hacks: http://wiki.bitcraze.se/projects:crazyflie:hardware:explained#expansion_header
Milo W.
You should sell these
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