We've just released +Brad Williams' last episode as part of the host lineup of the SitePoint Podcast. Brad was one of the original four hosts and was really the motivation between launching the show 4 years or so ago.

It was his suggestion and he took the initiative to bring it to launch, with me and +Stephan Segraves jumping on as hosts and +Kevin Yank joining before the first show, after the three of us had proven that we were serious. Kevin left earlier this year, with +Louis Simoneau joining the lineup officially.

I'll miss chatting with him on the show every two weeks, but I am thankful that the show gave me the opportunity to develop a strong friendship with him that extends far beyond the show. As luck would have it, the recording of his final episode was scheduled when I was staying at Brad and +April Heline's house for a few days this week and we recorded the final show in his office. As he drove me to the airport on Thursday, we talked about how we had been acquaintances before we started hosting the show together, but in the time between then and now, we'd become friends.

Brad made great contributions to the show and, as I said, was the driver behind it's launch. There may have eventually been a SitePoint Podcast, but it would not have happened as soon as it did without Brad's dedication to it. 3 years and a day after the release of the first show, his last is released. The SitePoint Podcast rolls on, with Louis, Stephan, me and likely a new fourth host on board, but we'll miss you, Brad.

Listen to the show: http://www.sitepoint.com/podcast-138-whats-the-alternative-to-google/
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