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Announcing "link sharing with anyone" on Data Studio
#measure #analytics

"One of the most requested features on this forum has been the ability to share a Data Studio report with anyone, not just folks signed into a Google account. I'm happy to say that this is now possible: the link sharing option "Anyone with the link can view" will provide a link that is accessible to anyone, whether they are signed into Google or not."

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Smart Social Content: The 2017 Social Media Image And Video Size Guide (infographic)!

Smart Social Content: The 2017 #SocialMedia Image And Video Size Guide (infographic)
If you're a marketing professional you know the importance of social media and the role it plays in attracting new customers. But what many people don't realize is that merely having a social media account isn't enough (although it certainly helps.) The bes...

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Graphic Design Tips!

How to Become a Graphic Designer Without Going to School

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10 Visual Content Marketing Trends that will Dominate Social Media in 2017 (infographic)!
10 Visual Content Marketing Trends that will Dominate Social Media in 2017 (infographic)
In today's modern world, visual marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital advertising. In an age of flashing videos, eye-catching infographics, and short bites of information, a large block of text won't attract your clients' attention the w...

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Schema Markup for SEO!
Why Schema Markup for SEO Should Not Be Ignored

In order to understand the world around us, and to communicate our understanding to others, we apply schema. That is, we assign things to general classifications, such as animal, vegetable, or mineral.

In this episode of our Here’s Why Digital Marketing video series, we invite Stone Temple’s Senior Director of Technical SEO, Mats Tolander, to explain how schema markup helps our SEO by helping search engines to better understand what’s on our pages.

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Content Tips!

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Google Home Now Recognizes Your Voice, Adds Support For Multiple Users

On Thursday, Google announced an update to the Google Home that will allow the device to discern which member of a household is speaking to it, and offer personalized information based on who that individual is:

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UPDATED: The Effect of Fake News on SEO
This week Google rolled out a SERP change to aggressively combat #fakenews: a widget that identifies whether a claim is verified or not.

See it and read about what this means for #SEO in our post, just updated by SEO Analyst +Ryon Flack:
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