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10 Rules That Every Business Needs To Know Before They Post On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram! [Infographic]
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10 Rules That Every Business Needs To Know Before They Post On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram
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Wondering, how to use social media for your business marketing? And how to build a strong presence for your company?

Well, gaining a loyal fan-base doesn't happen overnight. It takes, a lot of time, consistency and creativity.

Sure, you can get lucky now and again by automating your posts and without responding to comments, but if you really want to be successful in social space, there are some rules you should follow.

Here are 4 infographics from SocialResearchStrategies that break down how to post on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Semantic Search / Web / SEO  - 
Structured Data & Semantic SEO - "...Semantic Markup Changes Everything - With tools like semantic markup, we now have a mechanism for creating meaningful data. Semantic markup helps search engines understand what our content, our data, means." ...Read more:
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Title Tags & SEO: 3 Golden Rules!
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Title tags remain an important part of SEO, and are well worth some attention. When writing your title tags, you should have one distinct page for each major user need you address; avoid overdoing the granularity; and never reuse title tags.
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Digital Marketing Trends in 2014!
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2014 Digital Marketing Trends - All That You Should Know
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Digital media evolves pretty quickly, and if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it, because each year new tools and technologies are transforming this marketing channel.

So which marketing trends will shape 2014 and what are some key takeaways that marketers should pay heed to in 2014?

DigitalTrendsBriefing and eConsultancy study of more than 2500 marketers and internet professionals shows that:

20 percent marketers think customer experience is the single most exciting opportunity in 2014. 68 percent say email is core to their business, 42 percent never use responsive web design, 86 percent believe social media efforts will do provide ROI.

This visual from InfoGraphicDesignTeam highlights some key trends, challenges and opportunities which marketers need to be aware of during 2014.

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Tips for Becoming A Google+ Wizard!
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How to Become a Google+ Wizard? The infographic was crafted with ♥ by Gryffin Media
I'm sure it's something that all of us want! :) So, here is this magical infographic to help you with it!
You will find some stats about Google+
How to rank better on Google+
Getting started
Surfing the Google+ stream
Sharing content
AND Bonus Secrets to Google+ Success
If you're a beginner and even if not, this entertaining and informative infographic will only help you getting better on Google+
Good luck!
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SEO Tip for 2014: Strong, relevant contextual links!
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Google Infographic!
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Britons trust Google more than their families

"The people of Britain trust Google more than they trust their own families, friends or significant others according to new research.

More than half of UK adults and 77 per cent of the countries' 18-24 year olds would trust the search engine to answer a question more accurately than their partner.

Google is also named as the most used platform to verify breaking news, over friends, partners and social media.

The survey, conducted by +Search Laboratory , found that women were slightly more likely to trust Google than men, despite men searching more frequently."

"The search engine has pretty much killed the pub debate as any argument is almost always ended by the phrase ‘I’ve Googled it…’ whereas 10, 15 years ago you might have heard ‘I’ve asked my mate…’ and I think it’ll be a long time since we start saying ‘I’ve Twittered it.’" said Ian Harris, founder of Search Laboratory.

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Article text via:
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Hi all, I'm in the middle of identifying spammy and harmful inbound links to a website. I've ploughed through all of the links and contacted the web masters 3 or 4 times. Some webmasters have responded to my removal requests and some haven't.

I'm in a situation where I've got quite a number of links to the site from directories and a few other sites which some anchor text in links target exact keywords e.g. 'Running trainers' and some links which target multiple keyword e.g. 'Running trainers, cross country trainers, sports shoes' These links do 'not' have the nofollow attribute assigned to them and are therefore passing authority on to the site.

Can anyone confirm whether or not 'all' of these links are classed as spammy and if I should disavow 'all' of these links or just the single keyword / phrase anchor links?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to remove links which are benefiting the site.


#inboundlinks #disavow #spam #linkremoval #seo
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+Drew Mitchell, anchor texts are harmful if you have a high percentage(like 20%) or more of a non branded anchor text that will trigger a penguin penalty, so if possible I would change the anchor text in case this is a trustworthy site. If not I would ask to remove the link or disavow. 
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Google Authorship Cheat Sheet!
#authorship   #google   #googleplus  
Ultimate Google Authorship markup cheat sheet!
by +Daniel Mulder

Frequently asked questions and answered
- What kind of pages can be used with authorship?  
- Can I use a company mascot as author and have authorship    
  annotation in search results? 
- If I use authorship on articles available in different languages?
- Is it possible to add two authors for one article? 
- How can I prevent Google from showing authorship? 
- What’s the difference between rel=author vs rel=publisher? 
- Can I use authorship on my site’s property listings or product pages -
  since one of my employees has customized the description? 
- Can I use Authorship markup for Google images? Answer
- When I want to be sure that all of the content on my website has  
  authorship annotation should I then place a hyperlink with the  
  rel="author" tag to my Google+ profile that is visible everywhere on  
  my website? 
- Is it best to not have any authorship markup with the relation tag    rel="author" for the front page of a blog? 

And much more including the complete diagram form an earlier post!

#googleseo   #authorship   #authorrank   #googleplus   #seo   
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Social Media  - 
How To Avoid A Social Media Crisis! [Infographic]
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Part of social marketing is media management.  You need  to make sure what consumers are saying on social media is positive.  Trend reports show in some industries that consumer opinions and word of mouth is more influential than any marketing tactic.
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Beena R
Thank you so much for inviting me +Daniel Harrington , looks like a community with lot of SEO help/info!
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