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Dedicated To Making You A Better Guitarist
Dedicated To Making You A Better Guitarist

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Practice tip: Keep your guitar on a stand instead of in its case. You will end up playing it much more.

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Here's a great free online resource to help you to learn all those notes on the fretboard:

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Practice tip: Using a program/app like the one in the link below can help you to learn the fretboard in less time:

Happy new year, and best wishes for 2017!

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas!!

Seasons greetings for midwinter. Summer is a long way off, but from now on the days will gradually get longer.

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Demonstration of a simple but overlooked part of playing that makes a BIG difference to your sound.

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Performance from student preparing grade 7 exam piece.
What score would you give this performance if you were judging this? Pass, Merit or Distinction?

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One of the biggest challenges for many beginner/intermediate gutiarists learning Metal rhythm guitar is to be able to play moving power chord riffs cleanly and effectively. This short video tutorial clip is taken from a lesson addressing and solving this challenge:

At SGA we avoid sales hypes like "BLACK FRIDAY". Instead we work hard to offer great value and service to our customers all year round.
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