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Lizzy Ainsworth
I am a young married woman starting down the path of writing and publishing
I am a young married woman starting down the path of writing and publishing

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Welcome to the New Blog
You may have noticed things are a bit quiet over here and I want to invite you to come over and have a look at my new, beautiful and updated blog over at

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To Create is a Privilege
In the beginning, God created........... I like to create things, and I try to do that regularly, just for my own sanity's sake. Otherwise, life is a bit mundane, really. And create is different to make. People make things in a factory. Other people get...

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A Million Plastic Cups
by Kath The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down. Prov 14:1 My 7 year old daughter was just talking about building a huge tower out of plastic cups. She wants to know how high you could make it with a mill...

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When Living Right Way Up is to Pass By - FMF
The word 'pass' brings two immediate responses for me.  The first is the phrase 'pass, thanks!' which is one of my cynical responses to an invitation to do something that I've tried hard at and has not been terribly successful, but rather painful.   That co...

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What is an Easy Burden?
by Kath After writing the blog post last week about 'easy', inspired by Five Minute Friday , I got to thinking that God does promise us easy, but not
in the sense of avoiding responsibility or work or other 'difficult' things that
we might want to avoid.   ...

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Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy or Character?
Five Minute Friday's word prompt today is Easy.  Write for 5 minutes on the prompt, unedited and share your story with a community of encouraging writer's at Kate Motaung. By Kath Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! So says my six year old when faced with a new cha...

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Grace Quilt Pt 1
Robyn Small is one gifted writer and quilter who combines her skills to present in depth Bible Studies sewn into quilts. Her quilt chats are full of Scripture and inspiring testimonies to encourage your faith journey. She co-pastors a church in Toowoomba, Q...

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5 Uses for Vanilla Beans
Today I have five uses for vanilla beans.  I have friends who bring me back organic vanilla beans when they go to Papua New Guinea, much cheaper than you can normally get them in Australia, which I love, and when I've gone to PNG in the past, one of the top...

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Whole, Hole or Shalom?
Five Minute Friday and today's prompt is whole.  What does that word bring to mind for you? Write for 5 minutes unedited on this one word. Whole by Kath The word whole immediately reminds me of Shalom, which is God's word for whole - being whole in every wa...

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Creating a Card Book For Your Baby
About this time last year I was having my baby girl.   Actually, I was being prepped for a C-section after being in labour for about 13 hours and trying to push out a big stuck bubba.   Can’t believe she’s turning 1.   So this month I’m just going to share ...
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