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Margaret Schroeder

Thanks for adding me! As a mathematics teacher educator in a Dept of STEM Education, I consistently use #stemeducation  as I strive for integration and transdisciplinarity amongst all my work.

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The Best +YouTube  Educational Channels

+Google Science Fair

+Khan Academy

#Scishow by +Hank Green

#CGPGrey +C. G. P. Grey



+MinutePhysics  by +Henry Reich (Physics)

#PhysicsLectures #DrPhysicsA  (Physics)

+Derek Muller Veritasium by +Derek Muller

#Vsauce - Amazing Facts & The Best of the Internet

#Spacelab  (Physics, Astronomy) (Space, Astronomy)

Videos from +CosmoQuest , +Astronomy Cast and more

+Universe Today (space hangouts by +Fraser Cain and +Pamela Gay )

+Sixty Symbols  (Physics and Astronomy)

#PhysicsCentralAPS (Physics, Astronomy) Website:

+Deep Astronomy  (Astronomy) by +Tony Darnell

#SpaceRip  - BEST space and astronomy videos on the web

Deep Sky Videos

+Asap SCI  (general science)

It's Okay to be Smart



#patrickJMT (Maths)

#Thebadastronomer  by +Philip Plait

#phdcomics  (Physics, Astronomy)

#TED #TEDx #TEDed #TEDmed by +TED +TEDx +TED-Ed

+Ciência2.0 (Science) ( +Universidade do Porto project)

#RSA Animate Website:

Smart Place for Science

Sick Science! | Spangler Effect | SpanglerScienceTV by Steve Spangler



The Institute of Art and Ideas

+Big Think

+CrashCourse  (Biology and World History) by +John Green

+Numberphile  (Maths)

#Wolfram (Maths) [ +Wolfram|Alpha ]

#Vihart (Maths) +Vi Hart

Isto é Matemática

DrJamesTanton's channel (Maths)

Singingbanana: mathematics and silliness (Maths)

#FavScientist (Scientist bios)

+Periodic Table of Videos (Chemistry)

#BytesizeScience (Chemistry)

A Química das Coisas (Chemistry)

Inside Science Television

#23andMe's (Biology)

#DNALearningCenter (Biology)

#biodigitalsystems (Biology)

Genomics Education

NewsyScience by +NewsyVideos


TV Media
+euronews [Science] [Space] [Technology] [Innovation] [Earth]

+BBC Earth +Earth Unplugged

Science Channel

+Discovery Channel




+National Geographic

+Nature News & Comment | +Nature Physics | blogs

+AAAS Science Magazine

+New Scientist

+Scientific American

+Physics World

+TIME magazine

+Discover Magazine

+MIT Technology Review

+IEEE Spectrum

+HuffPost Science

European Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation

National Institute of Standards and Technology

US Department of Energy

CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

The Royal Society

The Science and Technology Facilities Council Channel

Space telescope Science Institute

+The Institute of Physics

+NASA  and +NASA Goddard  (Astrophysics, Earth Observing, and Solar Science)

+Hubble Space Telescope

+NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Space)

+European Space Agency, ESA (Space)

+Canadian Space Agency

+Planetary Resources

+Deep Space Industries



+Eso Observatory

CAASTRO - All-sky Astrophysics


+CERN (Particle physics) [see also +CMS Experiment ,+ATLAS Experiment , +LHCb Experiment and +ALICE Experiment  

Fermilab  - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Particle physics)


+Berkeley Lab  - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

+Brookhaven National Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory

SLAC - National Accelerator Laboratory

Los Alamos National Laboratory

NPL - National Physical Laboratory, UK

Boston Dynamics


+SETI Institute

PPPLab Princeton New Jersey

Max Planck Institute

INAF - Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC)

CAUP - Centro de Astrofísica U.Porto

+CAAUL Astro

Universities - Academia

+The Open University

+Imperial College London

+Stanford University

Kavli Foundation


+Cambridge University

+Harvard University

Universidade Coimbra

+Universidade do Porto

+University of California, Berkeley

+Yale University

Indian Institute of Technology and Science

+Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

+Duke University

+EPFL  - Federal Institutes of Technology in Switzerland

+TU Delft: University of Technology

+Singularity University





See also +Johnathan Chung post here ->

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My afternoon was spent here listening to this "town hall" meeting. Not a lot of questions were answered, but I also think he's in a tough position. Lots of things to think about and consider.
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Great blog about status of higher ed and the role of distance learning. Such a hot topic amongst faculty these days!:
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Great blog about status of higher ed and the role of distance learning. Such a hot topic amongst faculty these days!:
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Alexis and I spent spring break in Watseka, Illinois. That's right! Don't be jealous :)
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It's been a crazy time around here! I'm in Illinois right now with my husband's grandmother who is on hospice. She is nearly 95 years old (next month!!) and has lived a long wonderful life. She buried all her siblings, her parents, her husband's parents, two of her sons, and her husband. She has been strong all the way until the end. She is peacefully slipping away from us. We are very sad to lose her, but happy she is not in any pain.
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I wish John Calipari would've paid me for each year that I stayed in school as a NCAA athlete. I would've made a lot of money on his plan!
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Enjoying a day with my STEM folks at the 3rd annual #STEM Education Symposium @UniversityofKY Lots of great things happening across the Commonwealth!
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