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As a neighbor of Claudine shared w/me, Claudine had been on a trip and came home early to find Spider in bed w/her young daughter who was around 12 or 13 at the time.  As any mom would react, she lost it and ended up shooting Spider.  He was known around town as a Lothario and ladies man.  Any available woman was fair game and having the reputation of a skiing legend only added to his charisma.  Claudine and Andy Williams, her ex-husband and father to their daughter, did their best to keep this sordid situation away from prying eyes for the sake of their daughter.  Those in the know understood exactly what she was going through and were compassionate to her plight.  Those who had it in for her because of their jealousy or envy of her life w/Spider, were spiteful and mean-spirited towards her.

You can imagine what her daughter's life was like having been taken advantage of by a grown man and Claudine did her best to shield her daughter from any controversy arising from this event.
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