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Søren Holm (Hooolm)
Family man, nerd. Lover of music, food, whisky, cars and guitars. Gadget enthusiast. Creator of CirclesMod, Freehand, LEDed, Dark Urges and 420.
Family man, nerd. Lover of music, food, whisky, cars and guitars. Gadget enthusiast. Creator of CirclesMod, Freehand, LEDed, Dark Urges and 420.


With all the exploding Notes, iPhones and now washing machines too, I'm considering not upgrading anything at all this fall, even though I've all but worn out my Macbook Pro.

I gotta say though that my Galaxy S7 also gets very hot, uncomfortably hot, when it's fast charging. I recall saying something to that effect on Twitter this spring - fast charging holds its own challenges and is no substitute for a decently sized battery to carry you through a full day.

There we have it.
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Beautiful 👍
Coming soon.

My largest update of ALL TIME! Bringing this icon pack to over 5000 icons. It has been a long time coming. I have not updated this icon pack in a long time. I wanted it to be worth the wait and give you something extra special. Over 3000 apps themed and 2000 alts, app drawers and bonus icons. I hope you love this project as much as I do. I have been working on this on and off for about 4 months.


Update coming soon. Hopefully tonight. Just wrapping up a couple things.
Retrofit Update
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Does anyone else experience issues with Dropbox's Camera Upload feature?

Camera Upload works, in itself. But, it doesn't work unattended in the background. I have to manually open the Dropbox app once in a while, swipe out the drawer and tap the Photos menuitem. At this point, Camera Upload sort of 'wakes up' and proceeds to upload whatever photos haven't been uploaded to Dropbox/Camera Uploads yet.

It happens throughout the day to both my phones, even if the phones haven't been offline or restarted. It simply feels as if some background service is not working and has to be re-initialized by opening the app.

I would have suspected that the 'doze' feature in my Nexus 6P's Android 6.x is somehow suppressing Camera Upload's background efforts, except that I am experiencing the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S6 running 5.1.1.

As per Dropbox's support crew suggestions, I have verified that ...
- Camera Upload is on.
- Both phones are fully charged.
- I have excellent wifi coverage and a 250/250 mbit fiber.

On my own, I can add that ...
- I also have "WiFi or data plan" enabled as I have virtually unlimited mobile data.
- Both phones are running stock, unmodified manufacturer software.
- I do not use any third party battery/memory management software.

At least they didn't ask me to turn it off and on again, but seemingly didn't read the details of my issue.

So what say ye, fellow nerds? Does this sound familiar?
Thoughts? Suggestions?
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In case anyone wondered...

As of Jan 11 2016, all developers publishing apps in Google Play Store are required to declare whether our apps contain ads of any kind.

Because my apps typically contain links to some of my other work, this would constitute "house ads", according to the new guidelines. I also link to most of the supported launchers, which might also be interpreted as advertising.

Therefore I have declared all my apps on G.P. as containing ads.

They do not contain dynamic or 3rd party ads (as you might expect from freemium games), nor do my apps generate ad revenue by any meaningful interpretation...

Misrepresenting ad presence violates the Developer Program Policies and may lead to suspension, so I have chosen to tread lightly as Walter White would have said. From experience, I fully expect the issue will be judged and enforced by robots.
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As it turns out, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has astonishing battery life, as long as you don't actually use it :-)

At 17% after 3½ 26 minutes screen on ;-)
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Do I know someone who uses Google Drive as their primary cloud service for syncing files between computers? I'm thinking specifically as an alternative to Dropbox?

Is it reliable ?
Is it instant ?
Glitches ?
Outages ?
Other...stuff I should know about?
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Is Google+ is actively trying to decrease its usefulness with every update?
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Riding on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I gave in and ordered the Nexus 6P, and with a bit of luck it'll be delivered mid-december. Wait, what? December?

Yeah, you see, mother Google doesn't love all her children equally. So if you reside in one of the fortunate regions, like the US or the UK, you get access to Google's latest and greatest hardware several weeks - maybe even months - before developers in those pesky fringe markets.

Congratulations on that artificial head start in a highly competitive app development market.

This fucking sucks, +Google - step up. 
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Since the general public seems completely indifferent towards the OnePlus 2, the company could probably use a win. 

So how about the OnePlus X, then? It's not very powerful or innovative, but there's no doubt it's a very pretty phone, although looking very familiar somehow...

I won't dive too deeply into the specs, pics and marketing blurb, but it seems like you're getting a OnePlus One with a shittier battery, less storage (16GB), the OP2's alert slider (oh joy) and dual sim (or 1 sim + 1 MicroSD), in a body that look almost criminally like the iPhone 5.

With an entry point of $249, you're not exactly getting run over though - and considering that the OnePlus One was actually pretty good, this OnePlus X might do well. 
OnePlus X
OnePlus X
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In case anyone still cares about the OnePlus 2 :-)
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