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We take a break from our Daniel series for the sake of Thanksgiving.  Congratulations, everyone! For the past day, you got to be out of work, and spend some time with family, eating Turkey. And you probably spent some time giving thanks for some things in y...

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Another Look at Paris
Last week, I spoke about Paris, and I mentioned that in a tragedy like this, we as Christians become burdened for a little while and then a few days later, go on with their lives. Maybe we make a temporary Facebook profile picture, maybe we put up flags, bu...

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The Vision of the Nations (Daniel 2 and 7)
We have reached that point in the book of Daniel, where the exposition becomes more difficult. It is also the part where the sovereignty of God is seen more in hindsight than would have been present to the readers of the day. Thus, one might question what t...

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A Tragedy in Paris
Good afternoon, fellow blog readers, I apologize for the failures in blog writing on Friday and the subsequent delayed post today. But I think that there is a bigger tragedy that should be on all of our minds. The type of thing that happened in France just ...

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Philosophy and Toys [Video]
Due to my busy schedule, you get an interesting video of a speech I gave in high school. Enjoy!

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Daniel and the Den (Daniel 6)
As we continue to go through our series on the book of
Daniel, we run across another one of our familiar stories – that of Daniel and
the Lion’s Den. As was true with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednago, this story
details God’s sovereignty with regards to prot...

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Order, Guilt, and Persuasion
Before I get into the content of my blog today, I would just love to acknowledge that my Bengals are 7-0 for like the first time in franchise history!!! That is pretty phenomenal to me. So anyway, onto other things. As a side note, today's blog post is more...

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The Writing's on the Wall (Daniel 5)
As we continue in our study of the book of Daniel, we start to see a completely different story with a different cast of characters. Nebuchadnezzar has passed on and his son Belshazzar reigns on his throne. Remember that we are still within the Aramaic sect...

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Priority Evaluation from the Book of Jonah
I talk a lot about priorities it seems. Usually I focus on how we spend our time, specifically at times when I am rushing to write this blog post because I haven't prioritized it. Today, I am kinda rushing, but we are not going to write about how we use our...

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The Beast-King (Daniel 4)
In the Aramaic section of the book of Daniel, we have seen the sovereignty revealed by an event showing his magnificent power and then King Nebuchadnezzar making a proclamation about how the God of Israel is the Most High God, who is the only one worthy of ...
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