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Ed Kenschaft
Semanticist, computational linguist, iconoclast, daddy.
Semanticist, computational linguist, iconoclast, daddy.
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~2000 BC - 1914 AD : Age of Empires
1914 - 1945 : World War Era
1945 - 1989 : Cold War Era
1989 - 2001 : Golden Age of American Hegemony
2001 - 2016 : Age of Fear
2016 - : ?

I am an American, an evangelical Christian, and a critical thinker. Like many of similar mind, I am voting for the more conservative candidate for President, i.e.: The candidate who respects the (imperfect) wisdom of prior generations. The one who strives for a stable society. The one who cultivates global alliances to prevent global wars. The one who fears the existential threat of nuclear proliferation. The one who honors business contracts and promises. The one who admits mistakes. The one who believes our nation should be free and safe for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender, or social status. The one who will keep America great.

The candidate has flaws, the most egregious of which is unwillingness to protect the most basic inalienable right. But she has a conscience, and an intelligent mind that can be persuaded. The other candidate shows no evidence of either. He boasts of molesting women. He threatens to throw political opponents in prison. He encourages violence among his followers. He refuses to submit to the authority of the electoral process. The only person he claims to respect, other than himself, is an unscrupulous foreign dictator.

One of these two will be our next President. Between two imperfect options, the conservative choice is clear.

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What is in a name?

Quite a lot, actually.

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"... one lesson of the fall and rise of has to be that the practice of awarding high-tech, high-stakes contracts to companies whose primary skill seems to be getting those contracts rather than delivering on them has to change."

Fascinating read, especially for geeks who deal with bureaucrats.

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I don't usually share viral links, but this is too good ... or bad ... like Dilbert.

Basis Technology requires a native French and fluent English speaker with familiarity of software terms (API) and linguistic terms (POS). If you know anyone who might be interested in this short term (1 - 4 week) assignment please have them send a resume to

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We are facing the worst national crisis in my lifetime, perhaps since the Civil War. If you have not done so already, I urge you to write to your Representative, your Senators, and John Boehner, and urge them to pass a clean CR and pay our debts without any partisan conditions.
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