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#Tesla #P85D launch event in Switzerland featuring a Q&A with Tesla's Jerome Guillen: #teslamotors #tsla #teslamodels
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By; +Steve Jurvetson 
I just finished my bedtime reading, an essential survival guide on robots, with sections on How to Treat a Laser Wound, and How to Spot a Rebellious Robot Servant. Author Daniel Wilson got his Ph.D. from CMU in robotics and worked in research labs at Microsoft, Intel and PARC. Particularly helpful is his primer on How to Spot a Hostile Robot: “Robots are notoriously difficult to predict because they generally lack facial expressions and body l...
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Wow. I still have one of those Intel Bunnymen. Cool.
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@TeslaRoadTrip 2015 – “Reach the Beach” April 17-19th, 2015 – Salisbury, MD Agenda & Registration Information. On the weekend of April 17-19th, 2015 we would like you to join us for our annual @TeslaRoadTrip event for a fun and memorable weekend in Salisbury, MD. Our “home base” of Salisbury, ...
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This reminded me of the Fixx's album "Reach the Beach"... good album...
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" SpaceX has been hired to provide seven launches, each carrying 10 Iridium Next satellites. Iridium and its insurance underwriters have agreed that Iridium will wait four months after the first two-satellite launch before starting the SpaceX campaigns to provide time to perform in-orbit validation of the satellite design and performance. - See more at:
Iridium has pushed back the inaugural launch of its Iridium Next constellation to October, saying payload-software issues need more time to validate.
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Let's hope SpaceX can ramp up its launch rate to be able to deliver the seven launches necessary to bring up these satellites fast, once they are ready.
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Funded by +Google, we're making it easier for more people to save with #solar . Go solar with no upfront costs. Read more:
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# TEAM Solar City & Google...WIN WIN WIN..$$$$
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Kids react to P85D's insane acceleration. "Oh no way! That is like... okay.” 

Sign up for your own test drive: 
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If Europe's space officials are tired of playing “Simon Says” with SpaceX, they can invest the money and intellectual capital needed to lead in space.
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+Michael P Yes, but only on the part you'll spend for a living, not on the part you'll reinvest in other projects. And you can also borrow money to your holding, I think, and on that borrowed money you don't pay taxes in the US. Of course it quickly gets very technical in the small print, and I don't know all the details...
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"  "In anticipation of having to face real competition for the first time, ULA is distorting the facts in an effort to hide its own shortcomings. This is merely the latest example that ULA is realizing that its long-held monopoly is coming to an end.”  "

and from,

"   Marc's note: Looking at the commercial launch market the last four years, ULA has had 2 launches, both last year for WorldView 3 and NASA's EFT-1. SpaceX on the other hand has had 11 launches and this is before the coming increase in cadence. (All data from the FAA)  "
ULA chief Tory Bruno says the company is transforming itself in the wake of challenges by Elon Musk's SpaceX.
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I believe in Boeing, and I enjoy SpaceX. But for Bezos...good luck with that! (Holding your cards so close to your chest that no one seems to think you're playing the same game tells more than the occasional announcement.)
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Cadillac ELR | Fully Charged
A drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in the very refined Cadillac ELR plug-in-hybrid.
I was joined by Chelsea Sexton, Californian electric car advocate and all round wonderful person who was featured in the award winning documentary 'Who Killed the Electric Car?'

Engine. 1,400cc four cylinder petrol series hybrid with a 16.5 kWh lithium-ion battery
The all-electric range is around 35 miles, and total range is around 300 miles with a full battery and tank.
Top speed is 100mph – making it a similar performer to the Volt. 
The ELR was going to be be sold from the sole UK dealer in Manchester but they went bankrupt so I don't think you vcan buy one here.
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Last night, Falcon 9 launched 2 all-electric communications satellites to a supersynchronous transfer orbit.

Full update:
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More than you likely want to know about Bi-elliptics and Out-of-Plane Maneuvers.
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Dedicated to getting the REAL Elon Musk more active on Google Plus
“changing the energy cycle from petroleum-based to solar-electric; and moving into space.”

(expropriated from Wikipedia)

Elon Musk (born June 28, 1971) is an American engineer and entrepreneur best known for co-founding PayPalSpaceX and Tesla Motors. He is currently the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and Product Architect of Tesla Motors and Chairman of SolarCity. Musk is best known for having created the first viable production electric car of the modern era (Tesla Roadster), for designing a private successor to the Space Shuttle (F9/Dragon) and creating the world's largest Internet payment system (PayPal).

The Tagline has been changed (Nov09, 2012) from Verified to more active because Mr. Musk does indeed have a G+ profile that is verified ( +114461178896543099856 )   and he has used it for the occasional hangout and posted a few photos. However fans always want more, so I will continue to echo his Tweets and post news items till he (or his media minion) take on this task. However I do appreciate that he is an extremely busy individual and I guess spending his time changing the personal transportation industry and going to Mars rather than posting to various social media sites is acceptable. ;)

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