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UK Male lifestyle blogger

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The reinvented door.

Austrian artist Klemens Torggler has recreated the door. It may sound mundane, but man. This is pretty sweet. I would like to now replace doors everywhere with these magic doors. 
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+Mashable shared what could be the new style home page!

Facebook much?

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Since Google can penalize a page for having poor grammar and spelling, should you correct the grammar of the comments on your blog? Here's the answers in an interesting video just posted by Google's Matt Cutts. 

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Social Media Strategy G+ Community Top Posts Feb. 2-8, 2014
Based on the Community's engagement, these were the week's Top Posts from the Social Media Strategy Google+ Community (February 2-8, 2014).

Google Indexing Some Short URLs to Google+ Posts
By: +Kristoffer Howes.

Golden Rules of Social Media #2 - Giving More Than You Take, Gets Really Hard.
By: +Eric Enge.

Google Plus v.s. Facebook For Business
By: +Bill Gassett.

Golden Rules of Social Media #3 - Eat The Dog Food
By: +Eric Enge.

5 Social Media Tools That Can Make You Incredibly Efficient
By: +Ron Sela.

Finally, a Guide to Social Media (Facebook) Monitoring!
By: +Jason HJH. Social.

Will Targeted SEO Strategies on Google Plus Come Back to Haunt You?
By: +Stephan Futeral, h/t: +Mark Traphagen.

How to Effectively Integrate PR With SEO & Content Marketing
By: +Kunle Campbell.

+Jessica Smith Has a Confession to Make.
By: +Andrij Harasewych.

To get More Engagement, Post to Large, Engaged Communities.
By: +chris birrell.

#socialmediatips   #googleplusprotip   #thebestof

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A great video showcasing the problem with Facebook, but is there a competitor?  

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Which Social Networks Should You Care About in 2014
Article by Jeremy Waite. Digital Europe

#socialnetworks   #googleplus   #facebook   #qzone   #youtube  

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Friday tomorrow!!

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An even more comprehensive list, might be of interest, +Aren Grimshaw 
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