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Buck Shreck

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After The Surgery 

Well, after my triple by-pass, this is what I’m working at physical  rehab for ……… Is to get back to my top physical shape so that I can chase the bears again the way I use to….. Anyone that knows me, knows what I mean about chasing the bears…….. I have had people not able to keep up with me and that’s what I’m looking for again.
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More power to ya!!  May you  have a speedy and complete recovery so you can chase the bear again!!
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Buck Shreck

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What A Face

When this Ram topped the hill side and figured out that I was there laying on the ground and photographing him, ….. his facial expression and the colors in his face made the shot. This shot was taken in The Badlands South Dakota.
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Dog #1 then my rams are second,just love them.
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Buck Shreck

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Not In Kansas AnyMore

Now remember out there boys and girls, that even if it’s spring and you all are out there trying to get all these baby shots you can, (And Bear shots too), please try and look up from the view finder once in a while for these!!!!!! Yes, spring is also the time for baby thunder clouds and yes,….. Tornados 
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Eeesh! Those clouds look kinda freaky. And I live in Texas, land of the "freaky clouds!"  ;-)
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Buck Shreck

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Springs Eternal & Forever

Well everyone, ……… Yes I got out of the house today and your asking yourselves why??? Right!! I mean I did just have triple by-pass right!!! Well I will tell you why….. first of all the weather here in Great Falls was just something I could not pass up even by having this by-pass,…. second of all the doctor said I would feel like a kid again and will want to get out and hike and do what 16 year olds do, …. yea right….. could you see me ….. a 60 year old man acting like a 16 year old……. So what I did is have the wife drive me around, set my camera and lenses up on the window seal of the truck and took my shots that way, plus it got my dog Abby out running and swimming the river like she likes to do….. So here are a few images that this sick old man got taking it easy in his easy truck.
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Quite admirable for just taking it easy Buck. Peace and the best of healing to you sir. :)
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Buck Shreck

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Everyone who follows Buck Shreck and likes his photography Bucks Wildlife Photography. I wanted to let you all know, Buck will not be posting for awhile, we are not sure how long exactly. He is in the hospital and will be having a quintuple bi-pass on Monday. We could use all of the positive thoughts and prayers you will share. The prognosis is good and the Dr. thinks he will be good as new. Personally, I know how tough Buck is and believe he will come through with flying colors. Please be patient and he'll be back in the field and sharing great images as soon as he can.
Thanks for all of your support.
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Hey +Buck Shreck , just seeing this man.  I hope you are doing better.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers
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Buck Shreck

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Coming Soon

Going up to Banff N.P. is something that I am going to do soon. This image was taken At Two Jacks lake, during the spring. Beautiful time of year to be there. #Banff
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Beautiful image!  Hope you are doing well!
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Buck Shreck

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Bundle Of The North

While I was living in Alaska, I always, during the spring,would go out to get baby moose images. I took this moose calf image 4 hours after birth. After mother disposing of the after birth and licking the little one off, and of coruse the babies first taste of mothers milk ……. The calf laid down, and mother left for a bit,(not far…. 30 feet or so) and laid down herself to recover from giving birth. This image was taken with the canon rebel xti and the 400 2.8 lens.
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Buck Shreck

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Canada Geese are forever

While I must be stuck in the house for a while, that doesn’t mean that my dog (Abby) and I have to stay IN the house when I can go out in my back yard and always stay in practice photographing the Canadian Geese that are flying north this time of year and I think part of their fly way is over the house. Makes for so interesting images.
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Haven't seen the Canada geese yet, but saw my first swans of the year in the Palmer Hay Flats this week.  Alaska will be coming back to life shortly for you.  Have a speedy recovery.
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Buck Shreck

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20 more years
        Well in order to get this ball a rolling, …… I must thank everyone out there in Facebook and G+ world for their prayers and well wishing for my recovery……. Everyone is going to have to forgive me for I am falling to sleep as I am typing this………..But I really don't care what they say about Facebook and G+………. My thoughts are you guys ROCK, cause without you guys out there praying and well wishing me to get better….. It freaken works and you guys out there are the proof that it works. So the next time we see each other in the field to gather,…. don't be shy and come up to me and say I Prayed For you and we'll be friends forever. Because you see what you've done is "paid it forward" for me live longer and I 'm going to do the same for some else.
          Now there is 3 people that I have to say are my heroes in my life ….. 1) My Nurse at my regular physician's ….. She is the one that told my wife on the phone to call the emergency and to take me in if she wanted to.She told my wife that it could be a gamble to take me in later, but that choice was hers…..2) My wife, …. Donna Kay Shreck, the reason I get up every morning and is glad each and every morning that she was the one that pick me to spend the rest of her life with,  …. short as it's been so far ……. But Donna has never been just satisfied woman…. that woman want's what she want's and get's what she get's and it all has to be her way or there is no deal …… Years ago(10 years ago)….. Donna kept telling me that she was going to get another 20 years out of me when I got my stints put in, so now that I got my triple by-pass, now she wants that 20 years again. So as a good husband will say in times like this is "Yes Dear" you've got the 20………3) and last but not least, my doctor that performed the by-pass, Dr. Williams. He told me that I came in just in time, or I would have met the widow maker…….. I told him, I didn't have my camera with me, so that was a no go…….. You know I think that we all take life for granted, and in some respects I really think we do the same to doctors that perform these heroic feats and tasks on our bodies that we all miss use, abuse. These guy/gals, well, they go to school for years, just to perform some of these tasks, all because of human natures disregard of their own bodies. I will never forget this man, because as long as I treat my body correct then the wife will get her 20 years……. and just think, …. you all out there in Facebook ,g+,and 500px will have endure my images that much longer. No you can't keep a good man down. Photography is what I do, photography is me till the day I die and with some luck…. I might be the one that catches a picture of that fearful widow maker.
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Thank you for sharing. I do enjoy seeing and reading about your adventures. Very happy to know you are doing so much better. 
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Buck Shreck

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The Light

Most of the time when I'm out photographing, I really try to capture the light, (sometimes you can, sometimes you can't), …… After all, that's what photography is all about….. The Light……. In this image I tried to capture the sunset light in this eagles eyes to show the concern look the he has. Hope you like.    #birdsgallery
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