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Big success with our version of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance Of Being Earnest" this weekend. Glad to be back on the stage and grateful for working with this lovely ensemble. Hope that we will play it again this autumn around or outside Stockholm. So happy for all my friends, family and Ingress-family that showed up and gave me so much love. I'm stunned, blessed, so much emotions, so much flowers. Love you 💙
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Coin check group picture +Vicki Ellen+Ingress Resistance Stockholm+Daniel Lawrence
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The video is finally here from Operation SSBD - "Same Same But Different".
Occured During Valentine's night February 2016 in Stockholm.

Another Scandinavian P8 roll record? - Watch and find out!

Thanks again all agents that participated in this operation!
I had a lot of fun!

Sitrep :

#ingress #resistance #SSBD #RGNN #RESWUEisAwesome

+Niantic Project +Ingress +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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Great memories! <3
Team Belgian Lick of Death (& friends) - #obsidian Vienna Video

Once upon a time there was a nice bunch of crazy agents who went to Vienna. Some of their moments have been captured here:

Rotterdam is the next step !

Credits: +Nathan Pire 

#ingress #BLoD #BelgianLickOfDeath

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti
+Ingress Resistance Belgium 
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An amazing week in Vienna and on the countryside, so much fun, so much lovely people!

+el marto  +Hunter Parker  +Bernhard J. B4ckdr4ft Höllriegl  Thank you once more for helping me out, can't thank you enough. 

Thank you +Arnaud - Gustaf Valentine  for an amazing BLoD (Belgium Lick of Death) experience as usual. Always a pleasure!

Rest of the team +Ulrika Gullo  +Sam Xzens  +Pierre Sonveaux  +Robban J  +Bernie DUS  +Benjamin Smits  +Leia S.  +Raphaël P. +Sébastien Andreatta  +Aurélie Laviolette +Nathan Pire  +Nicolas MAURER  +Josselin PEREZ  +Adrien H +Kristoffer Hååg  it was so much fun, only love for you crazy people!

Want to tag so many more, but would easily forget someone. 
Vienna was blue! <3

2587 UPV
737 UPC
11,9 KM walked
168 Unique Missons Completed (Finally SpecOps Onyx done) 
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Two long days, great banners. Thank you Resistance Vienna. Lady's and gents, you truly are amazing. Thanks for everything so far 💙
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It was a snowy day when we met in Stockholm thanks for Dan invitation.
Soon we realised we could do a little bit special thing 😊
An international lvl 16 portal. So we did. 8reso from 8nation and extend with link amp 😉
Thank you for :
+Dorota P.​ from Poland
+Dan Lilja​​​ from Sweden
+Teemu Ylänne​​​ from Finland
+Bernie DUS​​​ from Germany
+Alexander Miller​​​ from Austria
+Michael Hughson​​​ from Denmark
+Atis Lezdiņš​​ from Latvia
myself from FuHAland
Amd special thanks for +John L. D.​​​ to extend with love amps on Valentine's day

#Ingress #resistance #FUHA
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It took some days for the body to fully recover, worth it! 
Rescue Gotska.  Definitely.  Nice video.  #Ingress
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City : Stockholm
Name : Blue Years Eve
Number of missions : 36
Time : 4 hours
Unique portals : 216
Type : Hack
Metro: Karlaplan
Starting portal:,18.090279&z=17&pll=59.339009,18.090279
Design: HuXdk
Creator: Crushty
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