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Taking Olly & Zach for a little wonder with +Cheryl Barrow

Why does the last 2 hours in work always draaaaaaaaaaaaag?

Wanna be home like 8 hours ago!!!

Thank you +mike ashe for making my laptop run like its brand new're a legend!!!

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oh yeah.........EPIC!!!

I knew I shouldn't have gave olly a roast dinner.....smelly dog hasn't stopped farting all night!!!

One of my neighbours decided it'd be a clever idea to get themselves a cockerel......making all kinds of noise at silly o'clock for fuck sake!!!

It's Liverpool not bastard emmerdale farm.

Think I'll be buying myself some wire cutters and a ferret this weekend.

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That's one pub i wouldn't like a kick off in!!!

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I like the look of this, if it works well that is.........maybe I'll start calling my phone kitt or jarvis haha

It's gonna be one of those has only been open 30 mins and I've already had someone in complaining about something that was wrong with his phone that was bought from a completely different company so I couldnt return it. He then waited till he left the shop before hurling abuse through the window #fuckinbigman haha
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