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Brian D. Hawkins
Blogger by day, virtual super villain by night.
Blogger by day, virtual super villain by night.

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Every blogger knows the importance of creating quality content. You might be surprised at how many bloggers struggle with staying focused on content creation.

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Confused about Snapchat? I was too. This free video tutorial by +Leslie Samuel will help you. You'll be amazed at how quickly you fall in love with it. #snapchat  

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Whoever wrote this masterpiece much be some kind of genius! It's wonderful.

Why online businesses should be on Snapchat. Why YOU should be on Snapchat.

Includes 33 people you should follow on Snapchat and 4 Embedded videos.

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Ready for a little controversy? Hate pop-ups? Need pop-ups on your blog? Read this. #bloggingtips   #marketingstrategy   #contentmarketing  

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Time flies and the new year will be on us faster than a cape-wearing man flying in tights. Now is the time to be preparing for your end of the year posts and this list article is here to help inspire your creative side. 
#bloggingtips   #blogging   #contentcreation  

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Many bloggers, including myself, may be waiting too long to give up the good stuff. Are you guilty of this as well? Let’s look at how we write, how journalists write, and apply that to how our blog visitors read.

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Every Rod Stewart fan has to watch this. So cool.

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Tagged to share my reading habits by +Mitch Mitchell, I've completed my mission. 

My turn to choose 5 for the #wouldyourather  book challenge. Just answer 10 fun & easy book/reading questions however and wherever you want. Are you game?

+Candace Mountain 
+Jason Mathes 
+Sarah Arrow 
+Peg Fitzpatrick 
+Chris Lang 

You can see the questions, along with my answers in the linked post. Thank you and please don't hate me. lol
#books   #reading  

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The Easiest Way To Add Great Time-Based Autoresponder Content.
#listbuilding   #emailmarketing   #emailmarketingtips  
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