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Has anybody used iMessagePC from Would be handy, but I'm reluctant to give my iMessage password to something potentially dodgy.

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Boosting with Vader is just so much fun!  You can do a turn followed by a boost followed by another turn (if you have Daredevil), or a turn, followed by a boost and two more options with Push the Limit - there's nowhere you can't be :)

Question for scientists:

If we finally scrap the kilogram as the last prototype-defined unit, doesn't that mean all our unit definitions are circular (as in you can't work one out if you don't know at least one of the others)?

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Sponsor me!  It's a competition!

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I need to evolve my Onix in Soul Silver, anybody got a Metal Coat they could lend me?

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Anyone got Pokémon White/Black? I need to trade my Boldore to get it to evolve.

Just finished my first week as a Monitoring Tool Specialist! Is good! Also the lack of working weekends makes today feel particularly Fridayy!

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What? What?!?
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