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Supporting the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wild birds through the sale of limited edition fine art prints.
Supporting the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wild birds through the sale of limited edition fine art prints.

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The Lone Survivor
25 years ago today, the Exxon Valdez ran aground in the pristine waters of Prince William Sound dumping more than 11 million gallons of crude oil and setting in motion one of the most devastating man-made disasters ever recorded.  The effects on the abundant Alaskan wildlife were far reaching and immediate with more than a quarter of a million sea birds, nearly 3,000 sea otters, several hundred bald eagles and untold salmon and herring all losing their lives.  The far reaching ramifications of those loses continue to be felt even now, 25 years later.

In the middle of the chaos that was the Valdez Oil Spill, Raptor Education Group, Inc.'s own Marge Gibson lead a team of biologists known as the Eagle Capture and Health Assessment team.  Over the course of the summer of 1989, 3 teams captured 113 bald eagles in the Sound to study the impact of the spill on these majestic birds.  One of those captured was Qushquluk.

Qushquluk, or Qush, is a large, female Alaskan bald eagle who was recovered from an island in Prince William Sound.  She was not as lucky as the 98 eagles that were returned to the wild.  As a result of the spill, she not only lost her mate, but also a portion of her wing.  Due to her injury, her life took a different turn and she became one of the very first education birds when Raptor Education Group, Inc. (REGI) was established a year later in 1990.  Over the past quarter of a century, Qushquluk has been one of the central characters in a cast that has contributed tirelessly to the recovery of the bald eagle species.  More than 1,100 bald and golden eagles have been rehabilitated and released by Marge Gibson and her staff over the years providing each and every one of those birds a chance at a full life and an opportunity to propagate their kind.

Today, Qushquluk still resides at REGI helping to educate the public on the vital role raptors play in our ecosystem.  Well into her 40's, she is the only known captive survivor from the Valdez disaster and possibly the oldest known captive bald eagle in the world.  Having had the absolute honor to stand before her, we can personally attest to her amazing presence and incredible strength of character; much like that of the amazing woman who saved her life 25 years ago.

It is for that reason that we are proud to make a $25 donation today to the incredible non-profit and home of Qushquluk, Raptor Education Group, Inc.  We would greatly appreciate you helping us to share this story and challenge you to also make a tax-deductible $25 donation via their website at

Thank you for your consideration, your willingness to share this post and your ongoing stewardship of our beautiful planet and its wild inhabitants.

-Ken & Lisadawn Schram

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A series of photos taken during the release of 8 rehabilitated bald eagles during Bald Eagle Days 2014 in Sauk Prairie, WI.  Thank you Raptor Education Group Inc for all that you do to help put our feathered friends in need back in the air!

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REGI Bald Eagle Release - January 2014
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Thank You
A sincere thank you to everyone who helped to support Marge's Eagle Rare Life Award nomination. Lisadawn and I can't thank you enough. With public voting completed, we now wait for the final decision to be handed down from the sponsor's judges in early March. Marge's nomination received nearly 63,000 votes more than the next closest nomination and stands as the highest "vote getter" in the history of the contest. We all knew how special Marge, Don and Raptor Education Group, Inc. is and now A LOT more people know it too. Including, I think, the Gibson's themselves. Thank you again as we certainly couldn't have done it without you. - Ken & Lisadawn

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Make My Day
It's really difficult to believe that six months have past since we submitted Marge Gibson's nomination for the 2014 Eagle Rare Life Award.  Now, with only 6 more days of public voting left, we're nearing the phase of the contest where we put the final decision into the hands of the sponsor's judges.  At stake is a potential $40,000 donation to an amazing non-profit organization who spends it's days and nights undoing the damage mankind has inflicted on many of our wild feathered friends.  It's a story full of paradoxes.  On one side, mankind disrespecting nature, either intentionally or unintentionally, to the point of causing harm.  On the other side, an amazing group of individuals who work tirelessly to not only undo those wrongs, but also to educate the public in an ongoing attempt to prevent future incidences.   At the heart of Raptor Education Group Inc's efforts is one truly amazing woman, Marge Gibson.  Over the last 40+ years her efforts have truly defined a field of study that has impacted not only the birds that are placed in her care, but the countless number of people who have had the good fortune of meeting her acquaintance.

Read more about Marge and her organization, share her story and then vote daily over the next several days to reiterate to those judges just how worthy Marge's efforts have been (and continue to be) of receiving this incredible award.

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Going Home
Marge Gibson has rehabilitated and released thousands upon thousands of wild native birds with more than 1,100 being Bald and Golden Eagles. Next month, she and Raptor Education Group, Inc. will release several rehabilitated Bald Eagles during the Sauk Prairie Bald Eagle Days.  Hope to see  you there!

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 It's an incredible, unprecedented achievement and an exceptional response toward recognizing the lifelong dedication and sacrifice of Marge Gibson. While her efforts are "for the birds", the impact of the work carried out by Marge, Don and their entire team at Raptor Education Group, Inc. continues to have a profound impact on those whose lives have intersected with a bird in need. What better way to demonstrate your thanks than by continuing to push that daily vote count in the remaining days of the Eagle Rare Life Award contest (thru 1/7/2014). On to 250,000! Follow the link and click the button!

To help commemorate this inspired milestone, we are now offering some stunning products featuring another very special REGI lady just in time for Christmas. Qushquluk (or "Qush") is an American Bald Eagle that has been a valued REGI team member from the beginning. Her story, like Marge's, is one of exceptional character and we did our best to capture her essence in this beautiful portrait. As usual, all proceeds from the sale of these products are donated to our friends at Raptor Education Group, Inc. to help care for their patients and education birds. You can learn more at

We are proud to continue to support the efforts of this amazing non-profit and to be associated with such an incredible group of people who have gathered to show their daily support by sharing and voting on Marge's nomination. YOU make us proud. Let's end our voting/sharing efforts with an exclamation point in these remaining days! Share. Vote. Share.

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Get off your "Qush"!
Click for Larger View Whether you wear it,
drink from it, hang it on the  wall or
stick it where you please, you'll be doing it in style and showing your REGi support with your new  Get off your
"Qush" gear! In honor of
200,000th vote in support for Marge G...

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No Rest for the Weary
As a matter of self preservation, birds can rest one half of their brain while the other half remains alert to threats. As a matter of dedication, Marge forgoes sleep when patients take priority. We really don't know how she manages. 

Please read, vote on, and share the inspiring story of Marge Gibson of Raptor Education Group, Inc. the 2014 Eagle Rare Life Award. Your daily votes will help us to bring home the $40,000 prize to her incredible non-profit organization.

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There's Nothing Sporting About Lead
It's a heart-wrenching image and a scene that is all too common for the staff of Raptor Education Group, Inc. ; a lead-poisoned raptor. The source of the lead poisoning? Lead fragments from bullets left in the remains from field dressings or deer that were not recovered during the hunting season and then ingested by these beautiful birds and other wildlife. While some special interest groups do their best to turn the issue into a debate centered on hunting rights, the truth is these cases are entirely preventable simply by sportsmen and women making an informed choice.

Most hunters we know are outdoor loving, responsible people dedicated to not only the sport, but to the preservation and conservation of wildlife. Unfortunately, many are still unaware of the collateral damage caused by their use of lead ammunition. We all know lead is a poison that is harmful to living organisms. We've taken measures to remove it from our fuel sources as well as the paint and plumbing within our homes and businesses. What many do NOT realize, however, is that a lead bullet fragments into tiny pieces upon impact and poisons what it touches. Most hunting regulation manuals even provide warnings to this effect targeting women and children, but few identify the dangers to wildlife who scavenge on what's left behind in the woods. Just a tiny fragment of ingested lead begins to attack the neurological systems of an otherwise healthy Bald Eagle. It soon begins to impact motor function and their digestive system leaving them unable to hunt or eat. The result is a slow and painful death from starvation. Here's a link to just one scientific study performed by the Wisconsin DNR which backs these findings -

The irony is that these deaths are completely avoidable and at the BENEFIT of hunters. Non-lead ammunition in the form of copper has been around for some time and was originally developed because of its superior ballistic traits. Not only do the bullets have better ballistics, they do NOT fragment or mushroom on impact meaning they allow for better penetration. Best of all, they are not POISONOUS. They are slightly more expensive than traditional lead simply because they have yet to be widely adopted. Considering the investment most hunters make in gear, licenses, etc., who wouldn't be willing to spend a little more on a higher quality ammunition that doesn't poison what you eat?

Check out this video "Hot Line on Copper" for more information -

The environmental impact of lead ammunition continues to receive increased awareness which means more pressure for government intervention. The state of California is leading the charge and we're hopeful it's only a matter of time before lead ammunitions are banned entirely. The question of the hour, however, is why wait for lawmakers to make the decision for you? Do the sporting thing and switch to copper. It will undoubtedly help to save lives; maybe even those of you and your family.

Please take a moment to share this post with your friends and neighbors who are now preparing to take to the woods for various big game hunting seasons. It's a matter of life or death.

Once you've helped to spread the word, we'd invite you to read, vote on and share the story of Marge Gibson and Raptor Education Group. It could mean the opportunity for a $40,000 donation to help their cause. As a side note, one of the leading causes of raptor patient admissions is from lead poisoning. For those birds that can be saved, it is a very expensive process costing as much as several thousand dollars per patient. The more startling fact, however, is that far more birds succumb to the poison in the wild than are able to be recovered and treated. You CAN make a difference.

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If I Were a Bird...
Pop quiz. If you were a sick or injured bird and needed medical assistance where would you want to end up?  Without questions, your answer should be Raptor Education Group, Inc. in Antigo, WI.  Read the inspiring story of Marge Gibson and then show your support by voting on her Eagle Rare Life Award nomination and sharing it with friends each day from now until January 7th, 2014.  Your support could just help earn this incredible non-profit a $40,000 donation!

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