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Think I May Be Thinking Too Much About Certain Things. 

Gonna Be Listening To Kanye All Day

Woke Up With Alexisonfire's "This Could Be Anywhere In The World" Playing In My Head. Kinda Epic Way To Wake Up Lol

Feeling Really Shitty Today. Life Is Kinda Sucking Right Now Lol

It Jus Got Real...

Internet Is Off. Gotta Use My Phone For Everything Now. 

Starting To Let Stress Get The Best Of Me. Can't Let That Happen.

Had To Take That Instant Upload Off My Phone. That Would've Caused Major Problems In The Future LOL

Had A Whole Rant About Women And Dealing With Their Childish Behavior. And It Actually Worked For My Guy. Lol I Feel All Wise Now. Thank God I Learned From Experts A.K.A. Older Cousins And Older Friends. Lol

Prolly Finna Chill Today. Nothin Else To Do.
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